95% assassination. hnrhurehuehueehue. Kennedy vats
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#15 - matralith (08/01/2013) [-]
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User avatar #28 to #15 - kittyporn (08/01/2013) [-]
i love how the secret service agents are just looking around cluelessly. just like how they really did....
#40 to #15 - John Cena (08/01/2013) [-]
User avatar #55 to #40 - lnyanchl (08/01/2013) [-]
JFK Reloaded.
User avatar #47 to #40 - strelokkk (08/01/2013) [-]
I don't remember the name of the game, it must be something like "JFK assassination", there's many videos on youtube and it's funny as ****
User avatar #19 to #7 - timmity (08/01/2013) [-]
i never got that before
#11 - felixfj (08/01/2013) [-]
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#32 - misticalz (08/01/2013) [-]
Protect from missiles
Come at me range fags
#46 to #32 - bronzestop (08/01/2013) [-]
use anient magics noob
#8 - I Am Monkey (08/01/2013) [-]
The only remotely relevant JFK picture I have.
User avatar #16 - bitchitroll ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
What Oswald did for a Klondike bar
#39 - daniboyi (08/01/2013) [-]
A good game really. Most annoying part is the ******* hacking and the fact that weapons breaks constantly.
User avatar #48 to #39 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Also I get really tired of every single texture being gritty, dusty, rusty, dirty and eroded. It just tires my eyes and my mind.
User avatar #56 to #48 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
It's a post Nuclear apocalypse world. Of course everything is going to look dull and grey.
User avatar #57 to #56 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
I know it fits the theme, it just gets tiring. I've never been a fan of the whole post-apocalyptic theme either (very tired concept if you ask me), but at least it's not a zombie apocalypse and the game itself is great!
User avatar #59 to #57 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
Fair enough. I like the thought of a Zombie apocalypse since it's fun to make strategies. Though in truth, if one were to happen, I'd be one of the first to trip and get munched on.
User avatar #62 to #59 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
I think it's a tired plot and the pseudo-scientific explanations never satisfy any kind of realism.
User avatar #63 to #62 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
Tired plot, yes. But I like strategizing. Especially with friends.
#65 to #63 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
I never have anyone to play with on the rare occasion that I find an online game I actually like
User avatar #68 to #65 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
I moved from the US after 8 years back to Canada and I rarely ever talk to them but I spent a nice chunk of Senior year planning with them
User avatar #69 to #68 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Sounds like fun, kinda like tabletop roleplaying only less organized c:
User avatar #73 to #69 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
It was. Before football games (we were all in Marching Band) we'd spend the time planning. It was fun.
User avatar #74 to #73 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
I don't know what to respond, but I feel like I didn't want to drop this nice conversation on the ground without a sign :c
User avatar #76 to #74 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
Eh, people come and people go.
#79 to #76 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Well maybe I'll see you around friend
Well maybe I'll see you around friend
User avatar #83 to #79 - darkangeloffire (08/01/2013) [-]
Indeed we shall friend.
User avatar #54 to #48 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I wanted to disagree with you, but then I remembered Gun Runners.

I guess their only excuse is that it fits the post-apocalyptic theme.
User avatar #139 to #54 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
Well I just like conversing with people too
User avatar #101 to #54 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
That's what I liked about Atelier Iris. You HAD to craft properly at least to beat the final boss. I'd completely neglected an aspect of the crafting system because I couldn't be assed to study it, but in the end, I couldn't defeat the bosses late-game. Did a bit of research and grinding, made some 4x double strike weapons and kicked his ass with no trouble. **** yes!
User avatar #112 to #101 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I've never heard of this game but I'm gonna agree with you anyway.
User avatar #115 to #112 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Atelier Iris is awesome. They made three games for the PS2 and now the Atelier Series is on PS3 too. I'm waiting on my order of Atelier Rorona, I'm so excited
User avatar #118 to #115 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I guess I'll have to believe you, even if it doesn't sound like my kind of game.
User avatar #121 to #118 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Eh if you're not into JRPGs, you'll hate it. The first of the games will just always stay with me, it's a great game
User avatar #122 to #121 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
Oh no, definitely not then.

You're talking to the robot guy that grew up on Fallout and Crash Bandicoot.
User avatar #127 to #122 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
I grew up on Diablo 2 and Crash Bandicoot
User avatar #128 to #127 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
omg we hav so much in common
User avatar #129 to #128 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
lyk tottly!
But seriously, Diablo 2 is also one of my all-time favorite games... It needs a HD remake or something Idunno...
User avatar #130 to #129 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
Never got to play any of the Diablo games, but I heard it was great up until Diablo III.
User avatar #131 to #130 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
Diablo 3 is no doubt a triple-a game of high esteem. It's just not a Diablo game. It's become closer to LoL and further from Diablo.
User avatar #132 to #131 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
I don't really know what opinion to trust, never played 'em myself.
User avatar #133 to #132 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
Well I'd recommend Diablo 2 at least. I suppose it's a game where you need to know a lot of things by heart though...
I was actually better at playing it back when I couldn't even read ******* English. Imagine that? I have no idea how I pulled off a dual-wield barbarian with no knowledge of stat building...
Now I wanna play that again...
User avatar #134 to #133 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
I'll find some highly illegal way to play it, I'm sure.
User avatar #135 to #134 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
I actually bought the Diablo 3 collector's edition, just to honor how much I've played Diablo 2. I have Diablo's skull standing on my desk, and the soulstone in his forehead contains Diablo 2 + the expansion :3
#136 to #135 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
Now would that be considered an obsession?
Now would that be considered an obsession?
User avatar #137 to #136 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/02/2013) [-]
Not really, I mean it followed the collector's edition. I can't really get obsessed with anything (except maybe my friends. I'm a pretty clingy friend I suppose. Or rather, I like having contact with people at least once a day if I can)
User avatar #138 to #137 - hateandwhiskey (08/02/2013) [-]
Well.. that explains a lot.

Anyone else would have dropped this conversation hours ago.
User avatar #58 to #54 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Yeah, it just tires me out is all. Also, it's becoming more and more popular to have gritty games that keep that theme all the way through.
User avatar #60 to #58 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I do like the textures for, say, the hunting rifles however. I wish they'd do more like that instead of just rustic or scratched up.

But that's all just done on the Gamebryo engine. Imagine what the Creation engine will do come Fallout 4.
User avatar #61 to #60 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Oooooh I can't wait for that!
User avatar #64 to #61 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
Too bad it's not 'til next year.

One can only hope that means they're planning on play testing it this time.
User avatar #66 to #64 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Has there been anything announced yet?
User avatar #70 to #66 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
They've been pretty stingy with details. I guess they really want to hype this one up.

They've even hinted at the possibility that Eric Todd Dellums, Three-Dog's voice actor, may return to do more voice work for Fallout 4.

Buuut that's all speculation as of right now.
User avatar #71 to #70 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
But at least they're actually making it! I can't wait for a Fallout in a new engine man.
User avatar #72 to #71 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
Not so much a new engine, rather the same one from Skyrim - which in itself was a tweaked Gamebryo engine.

Still, would be nice to see how the weapon physics play out.
User avatar #77 to #72 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
It's new to Fallout, that's what I meant. I just hope they'll make melee combat a bit more interesting :I
User avatar #80 to #77 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
You mean you DON'T like dancing in circles and mashing attack?
User avatar #82 to #80 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
Why couldn't the VATS have area-based attacks for melee too? :c
User avatar #84 to #82 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
You use VATS?

Fecking casual.
User avatar #85 to #84 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
It's good for close-combat situations, especially if you get swarmed. Also, the special melee moves can only be executed through VATS. Sadly there wasn't much else... I wish they could make a first-person game where the melee combat was actually interesting :c
User avatar #86 to #85 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
Well, I thought Skyrim done it pretty well.

Then again, I very rarely play in first person.
User avatar #87 to #86 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
The thing with Skyrim is... I like it. I should enjoy it more. But Idunno, I suppose I'm more a sucker for a good looting/crafting system in the end, and you can't exactly accuse any Elder Scrolls game for having that.
User avatar #89 to #87 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I just like to stockpile souls and decapitate people. Archery's real fun for me, too.

But what really captivates me are just the environments the game creates. Places like the Forgotten Vale, or the Reach, it's been a long time since I've seen a game environment crafted so well.
User avatar #91 to #89 - Kairyuka ONLINE (08/01/2013) [-]
True about that, but then again, I'm a sucker for good crafting. Atelier Iris is an example of excellent crafting, the system is a great idea! Substituting some materials for others with similar properties but with varying results!
User avatar #92 to #91 - hateandwhiskey (08/01/2013) [-]
I want to like crafting, but every time I do choose to craft anything, the materials happen to be scattered across the map, and I normally end up getting sidetracked.

With murder.
#49 to #39 - John Cena (08/01/2013) [-]
"Weapons breaking"
Don't touch me you filthy casual.
Get your **** together pleb.
Repairing is easy and so is hacking.
User avatar #51 to #49 - daniboyi (08/01/2013) [-]
also repairing might be easy, but that doesn't change the fact that they still needs to be repaired after every single fight.
User avatar #50 to #49 - daniboyi (08/01/2013) [-]
at least get the image instead of just saying it.
#1 - lalob (07/31/2013) [-]
#43 - broorb (08/01/2013) [-]
too soon brah
User avatar #75 to #43 - ninjamyles **User deleted account** (08/01/2013) [-]
too son my ass. the dude died in 1963 that's like 40 years ago.
#126 to #75 - broorb (08/01/2013) [-]
I'm sorry, did you think I was being serious?
User avatar #44 - manicos (08/01/2013) [-]
If there were three shots fired, shouldn't it be 33%?
#52 to #44 - plabou (08/01/2013) [-]
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#67 to #52 - ultimatebadass has deleted their comment [-]
#9 - John Cena (08/01/2013) [-]
Imagine if the mysterious stranger perk activated when he shot....
User avatar #93 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
Oh, you think it's funny to shoot the president, eh? His wife scooping his brains off the car is a ******* joke to you?!

What do you think you are, some sort of comedian?
#94 to #93 - sharkmonkey (08/01/2013) [-]
I commend you, have this
User avatar #95 to #94 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
Someone didn't get my joke, I feel like it's going downhill from here.
#98 to #95 - workingat (08/01/2013) [-]
come on it was a bad joke
come on it was a bad joke
User avatar #100 to #98 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
It was a hilarious joke if you get the reference. If not, I just sound like an asshole, but that's the point, isn't it?
User avatar #104 to #100 - jedawg (08/01/2013) [-]
I don't know the reference but I found it funny cuz I saw it was obviously referencing something.
User avatar #105 to #104 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
Then the joke wasn't for you. In Watchmen, a character called The Comedian is credited for the JFK assassination. But now my joke is meaningless because I had to explain it or be crucified by people assuming I was some humorless douche.
User avatar #107 to #105 - jedawg (08/01/2013) [-]
Take the ******* compliment, I thumbed you up too
User avatar #109 to #107 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
I just lost another one, is nobody even reading the comments under it? I swear, people see red and just go red before reading a damn thing. Was Watchmen not that popular of a movie?
#97 to #95 - sharkmonkey (08/01/2013) [-]
Nope, you dun goofed son. Next time, watch the edgy
User avatar #99 to #97 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
You didn't get it either.
#96 to #95 - silverlance (08/01/2013) [-]
Well it was a pretty **** joke
User avatar #111 to #93 - bronzebones (08/01/2013) [-]
yeah... that was a pretty bad joke.
User avatar #114 to #111 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
Why does everyone keep saying that? Is it not that the reference is too obscure but too common? Is it just such an obvious go-to that it isn't considered creative? I thought it was terribly clever, myself.
User avatar #116 to #114 - bronzebones (08/01/2013) [-]
its just not funny. no one really shares ur opinion. and... get this, no one cares if u dont like that.
User avatar #120 to #116 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
I mean really, it's like you didn't even try to understand. Thinking I was just some douche who didn't appreciate humor, that last message must not have made any sense. You didn't look below to where I explain the joke in full? You didn't even seem to understand where I stated that I'm making a reference and ask me what it was?
User avatar #117 to #116 - demandsgayversion (08/01/2013) [-]
See, just as I thought, it's too obscure. You didn't get it at all.
User avatar #123 - lazersharkheads (08/01/2013) [-]
I wonder what went through JFK's head on that very day…
User avatar #23 - thebuttman (08/01/2013) [-]
real question here, their the same price but should I get fallout 3 or fallout new veges
#34 to #23 - fitemeirlbro has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #37 to #23 - karson (08/01/2013) [-]
both are awesome.
fallout 3 has a more desolate feel to it, while New Vegas has a LOT more to do, and a lot more people to interact with. I got bored with fallout 3 after about an hour or so of wandering around. but as I said, both are great games, I recommend both. my favorite is New Vegas, though.
#41 to #23 - John Cena (08/01/2013) [-]
3 doesnt work on any system new than windows xp, also doesnt work on anything larger then a dual core. So fallout new vegas, is really your only option.

that said, 3 is way better, but new vegas has better mods
User avatar #106 to #41 - KingOfTheWorld (08/01/2013) [-]
Not so sure about that, my friend runs 3 on a pc running windows 7 with a quad core
#53 to #41 - plabou (08/01/2013) [-]
my best friend's mother-in-law makes $64 an hour on the internet. She has been fired for seven months but last month her pay was $13848 just working on the internet for a few hours. Here's the site to read more .**.. [url deleted]
#42 to #23 - nynewars (08/01/2013) [-]
New Vegas was the same engine as 3, but it had alot more things you could do, like make alot more food, weapons, stimpacks etc.

If you truly want both stories, play 3 first ,cause once you get into New Vegas you cannot go back to 3.
User avatar #78 to #23 - spamalope (08/01/2013) [-]
I like 3 more because NV seems just a little too unrealistic, with the fire breathing giant geckos and invisible snake dogs it started to aggravate me a bit
#25 to #23 - hewhomtrolls (08/01/2013) [-]
fallout nv has a lot more content and is generally more fun IMO, so i'd get that
User avatar #31 to #25 - thebuttman (08/01/2013) [-]
the other guy says 3
User avatar #26 to #25 - thebuttman (08/01/2013) [-]
Thank you.
#29 to #23 - John Cena (08/01/2013) [-]
Fallout 3 for sure, it is the best in my opinion, and it feels a lot more like an apocalypse to me, New Vegas doesn't have that feel to it
User avatar #30 to #29 - thebuttman (08/01/2013) [-]
the other guy says NV
User avatar #35 to #30 - garymuthafuknoak (08/01/2013) [-]
do fallout 3 man. the dlc for new vegas are **** and fallout 3 has a good array of different ones. also their is barely anything for city ruins in new vegas. its mostly just wasteland and tends to be an eyesore and gets boring. fallout 3 is the perfect combo of city ruins and wasteland.
User avatar #108 to #35 - fizzor (08/01/2013) [-]
NV's DLC's are awesome.
User avatar #36 to #35 - thebuttman (08/01/2013) [-]
okay thank you
User avatar #33 to #23 - sparkyoneonetwo (08/01/2013) [-]
Both are fantastic.

3is very apocalypse like but NV feels a lot more like a western.
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