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#48 - anonymous (07/30/2013) [-]
Minecraft is actually really overrated...
User avatar #58 to #48 - mymiddleleg (07/30/2013) [-]
I agree but i still enjoyed it, its boring and repetitive now
User avatar #60 to #58 - iphony (07/30/2013) [-]
It does get repetitive so what i do is play mod packs like FTB and Tekkit, then wait for updates.
#73 to #60 - teenytinyspider (07/30/2013) [-]
I put a mod for Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

Never. Again.

You're literally just sitting there, minding your own business when you look to the side and,'OMGHNGGGG' and then proceed to have a heart attack and die.
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