So deep holy. OC, and thus doomed to red thumbs.. iria' l' l' lli' ii' ili. ll you can, you' forgotten it all. ikill l . Iona, I started thinking about it, I re Congratulations youve Reached the tags
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So deep holy

OC, and thus doomed to red thumbs.

iria' l' l' lli' ii' ili. ll you can, you' forgotten it all.
ikill l .
Iona, I started thinking about it, I realized that it explains a bunch of weird.,,,...;";;';:
that infants sometimes have. We harboured sentimentality for the east coast
birth, along with a serious fear of water. If I had to uess, I' say I was a drownd .
sailor. M mother has always been especiall afrai of
passing trucks on the highway, though s e can' t say why. Car accident?
i,. traits. One friend said he used to as people, "Remember when I was O?" for no
I I started asking around, and other [People had similar stories of we loanable ,
miimii_. reason. Another friend would tell seemingly half for atten jokes. They were I
j scrambled and half fit', 1' laffin' itt, t mismatched punc lines] My ste -sister used j,;
L to hoard food, and real ' "That time I had my leg cut off". Her mot er would icke.;
that she was a "War baby", saying she was some sort of refugee in her past Ii e.
I know theres gonna be a buzzkill in the comments who points out the scientific
at cenation for the memory loss. Nevertheless I thought I' d share with you guys.
h It ink it' s a cool idea.
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Submitted: 07/29/2013
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#4 - teranin ONLINE (07/30/2013) [-]
I'm just not gonna touch this one. No proof either way, it's possible.
#5 - midgetmania (07/30/2013) [-]
My cousin once said she was a hamster in her past life
User avatar #2 - assistantartemis (07/29/2013) [-]
"The boy who lived before."

The way I act sometimes, I have been asked if I was ever touched/raped, I haven't in this life, maybe a "past life" thing?

The boy who lived before ->
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