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Alight /pol/ Ne been song en we for a / e, and 1 feel we shannon
Do you have noting ?
Then you have noting against storng, amputating, hogging, female gental , suicude bombers, ," honour" kings, depressin frree speech, of
swan. baning simese. baning of beer and alne, baning ispork, dressing women In gurkhas, beaing , murple vites, kong
of rape , persecutor mews and Chechans, cald bredes. repression of reason and questiong, pence states, buring , kong anyone who eaves
slam, kong anyone who quesions the haslam, total Intolerance of other respons, Antenor status . wad against , arranged marriages,
and attacks, publc hansoms, mahlazors, reining . deaal attemps
Islam In layman' s terms
Here' s how l works
As long as the Musha populatio remains underp% In any gaven country, they w/ l, forthe most part, be regarded as a minorty, and not as we e the case In
unwed States - 8 5% Musha
Australi -1 5% Musha
Canada -1 9% Musha
Choa -1 8% Musha
Italy's 5% Musha
Norway's 8% Musha
At 2% to 5%, they bean to proselytes to mlponies and groups, often wen mam mm and street gangs we e happeing In
Denmark - 2% Musha
Germany- 3 Th Musha
unwed -2 Th Musha
Spam -4% Musha
Tha/ and -4 5% Musha
D Anonymous - 07/ 29/ ) 05 42 No 18113493
From 5% on, they an inordinate In propotion to wen percentage Mme populated For example, theyw/ l push standards) fbid, thereby
Theyw/ concreate pressure on to feature - tbr% lure to comply we e occuring In
France - 8% Musha
5% Musha
Sweden - 5% Meme
switzerland - A 3% Meme
we Netherlands - 5 5% Meme
Tended &Tobago- 5 8% Meme
At we pom, they w/ l work to get the government to [' ah, the Islam; Law we ulimate goal e to Shan' averge
sums world
When Memes approach 18% Mme populated, they tend to Increase lawlessness as a means Pans, we are already Any offends
Islam, and results In and threats, sew as In Amsterdam , wth opposition to Mohammad cartoons and ms Such tensity's are seen / y, Musha sections, In
Guyana- 18% Musha
knda- 13 4% Musha
Israel - 15% Musha
Kenya- 18% Musha
Russa- 15% Musha
can expect hardanger noing, Mad , k/ hogs, and the of Cheston churches and Jewish synagogues, as In
Europa- 32 8% Musha
experience bedspread massacres, wronge terror attacks, and , as In
Emma - 40% Musha
Chad - 531% Musha
Lebanon - 59 7% Musha
D Anonymous) 07/ 29/ ) 05 43 No 18113508
http //we youtube _(
D Anonymous 1187 07/ 29/ ) 05 43 No 18113509
From 58%, experience unfettered persecutor Mullets), ethic cleansing [genelde), use of Shanay Law as areason, anywya, the
tax placed on [yes, there really e sew ating) as In
Albania - 78% Musha
Malaysia - 58 4% Musha
Qatar- 5% Musha
Sudan - 78% Musha
and , some statesman ethic cleansing, and even some germicide, as these we mums , and move toward 188% Musha, as has been experinced and
In some ways e ongoing In
Bangladesh - 83% Musha
Eant- 98% Musha
Gaza- 98 7% Musha
851% Musha
Iran - 98% Musha
Iraq - 97% Musha
Jordan - 92% Musha
Morocco- 98 7% Musha
Capstan - 97% Musha
Pawesome - 99% Musha
ma - 98% Musha
Taj% stan - 98% Musha
Turkey - 99 8% Musha
Unwed Arab Minates - 95% Musha
188% w/ l usher In the peace ' -the Islam; House of Peace Here, wees supposed to be peace, because everybody e a Musha, the matresses are the only schools, and the only
word, as In
188% Musha
Yemen - 188% Musha
D Anonymous 1187 07/ 29/ ) 05 45 No 18113535
Unfortunately, peace e never achived, as In these 188% states, the most radical Mush's intimidate, spew hatred, and lustily of reasons
more 1 was mne, canon was me against my brother; me and my brother against ; my Mn/ y against my cousins and the clan; the clan me, the me
world, and all ores '
e important to understand that even In counties wth % Musha populating, sew as France, the minorty Musha ghettos. womn whenthey are 188% Musha, and womn winch
theyare by Shanay Law we do ghettos were are no natinal courts, nor schools, nor jelaous sew strapons, Mush's do disintegrate 17110015 commuity
at large we ch/ dren attend matresses onlyone Koran To even associate wth an e abrume Therefore, o some areas batons, and more paperthin
the natinal average would indicate
ways 1 5 b/ lon Mush's make up 22% Mme ' s populated rates men rates of Chastens, Hendes. , Jews, and Mush's w/ l exceed 58% Mme ' s
populated bythe end ohms century
hell , anyway
Found t as a awhile ago
http:// yro slashdot 3/ 02/ 25/ 055221
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User avatar #1 - entarasu (07/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
who the **** do you think is going to read this
User avatar #2 to #1 - holololland (07/29/2013) [-]
I read it and it hurts to say, but everything stated is true.
User avatar #3 - noobstoski (07/29/2013) [-]
Brutal war against and outlaw of all religion? Brutal war against and outlaw of all religion.
#5 - anonymous (07/29/2013) [-]
Some of these are wrong, Denmark and Norway has higher % now and so does Germany England and Belgium.
#4 - anonymous (07/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
how the **** is this getting thumbed up?? This is just racist ******** . And its posted by schnizel a ******* racist nazi.
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