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#117 - uploaderdeleted (07/29/2013) [-]
Master race
#121 to #117 - anonymous (07/29/2013) [-]
Why don't you **** off, you cuntbag bitch. I'll wreck you. I don't care if you weren't looking for trouble. You just found it you cocksuck. I'll be watching you, you little fairy piece of **** . You want a war well you got one you ************* ******* . You're gonna feel the wrath you little bitch.
#129 to #121 - uploaderdeleted (07/29/2013) [-]
Calm down kid.
User avatar #133 to #129 - yorker (07/29/2013) [-]
You don't seem to be using the full sized one.
would you like one where the text can actually be seen when enlarged?
User avatar #140 to #138 - yorker (07/29/2013) [-]
yup. I left the rest that I have at the moment on your profile. Enjoy!
User avatar #132 to #129 - yorker (07/29/2013) [-]
Wow, um, that's mine.
Glad to see people are using it.
User avatar #135 to #132 - uploaderdeleted (07/29/2013) [-]
I saw it a few days ago and man I was searching my history for an hour just to find, plz make moar!
User avatar #137 to #135 - yorker (07/29/2013) [-]
I have more!
I'd be glad to share them on your profile.
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