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#63 - tyroneisanigger
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(07/28/2013) [-]
Admit it though. Those older newspapers were during times of war, and the brink of war.
This is what U.S papers are like now, during times of war and crisis.

It is disappointing though when I turn on the news. I want to hear more about the revolution in Turkey rather than the birth of the Royal Baby. That's nice they had a baby, but it doesn't need to be a headline for two days in a row.
#124 to #63 - anon id: 0dd40a12
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(07/28/2013) [-]
Go to Al Jazeera man. So refreshing to get news from a news source that isnt based in Britain or the US.
#140 to #124 - tyroneisanigger
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(07/28/2013) [-]
That's actually one of my favorite news sources.
#81 to #63 - trash
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(07/28/2013) [-]
Never thought a guy named *************** would say something so intelligent.
#64 to #63 - frienderman
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(07/28/2013) [-]
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