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#89 - Jaken
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(07/28/2013) [-]
>be me in sophomore year
>everyone in IT class is playing minecraft FTB
>there is this kid using creative mode in a strict vanilla
>everyone tells him to stop
>been playing FTB for a couple weeks now and got so far in the game
>the kid tells use that we have to move our whole base for a train
>we tell him to screw off
>our base is underground so we cant see what they are doing above us
>our power goes off for some reason so i go up stairs to check what happened
>they griefed the whole town, the town where we spent half the school year working on it
>he starts laughing and says to stay calm its only a game
>i yell out in front of the class that he is a "Cock Sucking ****"
>the class is dead silent and my teacher comes out of his office
>i think im dead **** now
> MFW my teacher stares at me and asks me if he can use that
>class laughs there asses off and everyone called him a cock sucking **** for the rest of the year