Well that Escalated Quickly. An Omegle chat gone in a direction I didn't foresee.. lli?, omegle Talk to strangers! watching two strangers discuss your question  uh You know last measure and stuff
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Well that Escalated Quickly

An Omegle chat gone in a direction I didn't foresee.

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
Last Measure anyone'?
Stranger 1:
Stranger 2: nuke israel?
Stranger 2: please oh please do
Stranger 1: meh
Stranger 2: those ******* kikes wont leave anyone
Stranger 1: kill meg
Stranger 2: ******* jews
Stranger 1: mhm
Stranger 2: what if like
Stranger 2: we invaded israel
Stranger 2: and made it 51st state
Stranger 1: liking it
Stranger 2: and just made its **** hols like detriot
Stranger 1: Haha
Stranger 1 :jackpot
Stranger 2: so we just send a bunch of ******* and
keep all the blacks
Stranger 2: that way use is doing better and tahn israel
51st state is complete ****
Stranger 2: and they solve all their own problems
Stranger 2: through gang violence
Stranger 1: lemme know if it ever happens :)
Stranger 2: and random islam things
Stranger 2: euro bounty for any male still alive is
still goign on you know that right?
Stranger 2: like seriously
Stranger 2: can you give its ******* rest
Stranger 2: ******* jews still want attention
Stranger 1 : didn' t
Stranger 1: Damn
Stranger 2: oh no nazi genning lost
Stranger 2: lets hunt all their people that were male all
overhue ******* world
Stranger 2: jeezus
Stranger 2: oh what the UN told us not to take more
Stranger 1: let' s give them the attention of our bikes l)
Stranger 2: **** that
Stranger 1: nukes"
Stranger 2: oh what we are the male of middle east?
Stranger 2: pm Amillion of us died that one time
Stranger 2: and if you deny it then we arrest you
Stranger 2: because i told you so
Stranger 2: like holy ****
Stranger 2: just calm down
Stranger 1: I' m not denying it
Stranger 2: everyone believes you
Stranger 2: just stop doing stupid ****
Stranger 1: I' m with you
Stranger 1: I will stop "
Stranger 2: britain shouldve just joined hitler and
america shouldve went full fascist
Stranger 2: then happy endings all around
Stranger 2 has disconnected
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Submitted: 07/26/2013
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