yeayea screw IT. Straight from . ikiillu an humane 1- if Fukan keeps an " "It is a boy" but we went really know until the child which gender they will , right?  royal baby farts
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yeayea screw IT

ikiillu an humane 1- if Fukan
keeps an " "It is a boy" but we
went really know until the child
which gender they will , right?
Illest Inn In
be denier]
mam In
erab, . bbaby
ttritt iii when
H ugh: any Is
it Toay be It My " depends an how they
disuse to express their gendered at all
estate, Ausm" Hilde“
I Then rate it Aw
eh please do net try and three a gender on
the rental baby already pit
M Hannah' In
to Will and Kate, shame
abut the gender
i 'e" and Jinnah '
Peculiar that when gender equality is
gaining stuns and no
have a male heir In threw, at
male heir is home.
tit Falan-
t was s-
ofcourse the might net even
have a binary gender.
1- Heel
E Atheist" In
IT' S A , , M Or we gender er both er
toegther that it 'identifies with nae.
but seriously, isn' t it a bit star) be fireing
gender tales an the poor ehind? o_ o
thaty, so the "' s iitt a girl. can I
hold ant lame he turns ant to be gay In
gender ? Otherwise, I' m
bated IWW,
delt. . an Irma-
t: . It inmost people
wouldn' t relate gender to
I an
Pretty insensitive tithe mediate "port that
the royal baby is a boy before it' s bad a
to establish its tiedat gender identity.
sauna 'Uhr so
Personally I think its the seen to impose
gender maes an the baby.
H , segart
Birth tithe = the media' s
he a Kate have a trans
h,. Ella In
Still could be a future Queen. If he' s lucky-
the thing where ihe baby' s genitals are
announced to the warm in hm, the
all of TY pain as a trans basemen
I think they should let the baby decided its
awn Innate and gender if Bentham
is at new
Tm afraid until the we decides its gentler,
youve ail genus have to wait It little longer, -"
ll r. futureama. eis
inner: {? *rsou" nitrate
Ar Yvette-
Has asked the baby' s epinsei an its
at tr: -atan 'qeue.
is a hey... Way tn let
den. -In have had a
girl third in line to the throne, instead it' s a
Arramo l-" Hart
l Hm tur.
I Kata Hugh an
As a townswomen, it' s disturbing
liens ever the gender of a
new child.
i think they should let the baby decided its
Filgo, ‘H. -Flannel! Hitters
its a hit prettysure ta be tthing the mural
bobbya "bay," right? Gees, let' s let the kid
a gender imam that.
htat -Iar
Wish baby meld be "IT' S A
BABY“ "IT' S NAME IS'" instead of
ragerise -"blarg
voor, cringechannel, com
l' Feeney
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Submitted: 07/25/2013
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#4 - anonymous (07/25/2013) [-]
Sometimes I wish some people would just implode and leave the earth to the ones with brains. Well, sometimes....make that always.
#3 - astarothaufromage (07/25/2013) [-]
Feminism, transgender and that kinda "unusual" things are fine, even interesting most of the time but I don't get why they mistake actual gender for gender identity. Boy/man and male are kinda interchangeable. Also, there are currently more queens than kings in Europe, and the current queens seem to loved more than the kings. I can't imagine what's so bad about a male heir...
#2 - jsprmp (07/25/2013) [-]
And this is why, despite being a moderate homosexual male, I will be forever disgusted with the abortion that is the American left. The conservatives may be scientifically illiterate greedy control freaks but god damn liberals are just pants on head retarded.
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