Shrek. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. Anonymous (( leled) 20: 02 Replies: File: , 125x125, , jpg) we 14 tryouts swearing Shrew shirt ddidnt make the team aask wh niggers Tongue my anus
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Shrek is love, Shrek is life

Anonymous (( leled) 20: 02 Replies:
File: , 125x125, , jpg)
we 14
swearing Shrew shirt
ddidnt make the team
aask why, coach said i' m a little bitch forbearing Shrew shirt
everyone laughs at me
wear banging en gym door, only ene deer
ssmall of onion overcomes the reem
breaks down door, he is naked with his thick vascular cock fully erect
ea child runs behind him trying to escape
the kid in the side ofthe head, bouncing his head effete inside ofthe metal doorframe, kills him en impact
everyone is screaming and runs into ene Lerner
grabs coach bythe shoulders, rips coaches arms off, bleed pouring out
sticks his finger nail in coach' s dickhole, then entire finger, spreads dickhole apart
buries his 24 inch cock into coach' s dickhole
is holding a child in each hand fisting their assholes with ene thumb out to squeeze their small testicles tweet about popping, but not quite, creating an ungodly pain that i wouldnt wish en my worst enemy
Scotch' s dick splits apart frem the penetration, bleed everywhere
dick gets harder frem this, grows to 48 inches
ejaculates with a might rear, semen gushes out of eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and tom
pops childrens testicles and the screams pitch
presses into the pink puddle of bleed and semen aorund coach' s new lifeless cerise
pacreams stop as the children drown in the mixture and have bones crushed
It' s all agre new keeds!"
approaches children in Lerner
still holding coach' s body up with his massive 48 inch cock, like coach is a puppet
thrusts his cock up thru coach' s body so hard that it pops coach' s head off
testicles mave althrough his dick, release onions that hatch into mini Shrew that proceed to rape and tenure the children at a equal eggbeater level of herrer as Shrek did to coach
is love, Shrek is life
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**subzerogs rolled a random image posted in comment #41 at Never new this ** Only this can describe my true horror.
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I'm in this thread lol, one talking about Spiller on /sp/
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