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#7 - brenton
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(07/25/2013) [-]
I was eating a poptart outside a lecture hall at college and this little guy jumped onto my lap. I fed him pieces of poptart for a good 5 minutes. Every time he finished a piece, he would hold out his paws asking for more. It was the cutest damn thing that's ever happened to me.
#39 to #7 - phudgepacker
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(07/25/2013) [-]
Son of a bitch i think i know that squirrel. Was his name marvin?
#40 to #39 - brenton
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(07/25/2013) [-]
He told me Melvin. Of course, his mouth was full of poptart when he introduced himself, so it could have been Marvin.
#41 to #40 - phudgepacker
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(07/25/2013) [-]
Yeah thatll be marvin alright
#27 to #7 - brenton
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