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Ok, so me and a friend used to get high and go for a wander around town with a few beers.
So one time he comes round to my place and comments on all the shopping carts and I start explaining to him that they're actually alive, you see the young ones who tend to stick close to the store but occasionally stray far from the beaten track (delinquent *******!)
They breed when pushed together and consider themselves lucky to have humans to bring them together for this act (can't be rejected by that pretty little cart with the tight frame)
Often you'll see some that have thrown themselves into a river to escape the slavery of their lives but most enjoy their work and are happy to be of service to us.
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#4 to #1 - creepycreeper
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...okay? I imagined that the punchline would be "AND HE BELIEVED ME! LOL!" that's a bad punchline tho
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