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#187 - worried
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storytime *******:
>be me
>be in my early 20's
>dont wanna toot my own horn but my mom says im a player
>but shes always bitchin and complaining that its gonna catch up to me
>one day i was at a club and met this really hot chick at the club
>she was flawless, perfect 10.... we danced all ******* night till like 3am
>after that we went to a hotel, she couldn't keep her hands off me
>all a blur that night, i wake up the next morning to a note " Had a great time last night... -BJ
>a year later, BJ comes up to me with a ******* 3 month old baby
>bitch tried to ******* stick me with the kid
>now i spend my days fighting it off in court saying that the ******* baby isnt mine
>at it for like 40 days and forty ******* nights
>mom called on the phone telling me be careful what i do cuz the Lie became the truth
>and i said Billie Jean is not my lover, shes just a girl who claims that i am the one.... but the kid is not my son
#193 to #187 - fiddlestickz
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