Parenting done right. .. And filming the wedding night. You know... to share their happniess?
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Parenting done right

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Submitted: 07/23/2013
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User avatar #1 - yunablade (07/23/2013) [+] (4 replies)
And filming the wedding night.

You know... to share their happniess?
#30 - classygentleman (07/24/2013) [-]
I really dont.
#12 - moda (07/24/2013) [+] (5 replies)
wait if all of funnyjunk is for gay marriage or just don't care, why do we still have these posts?
#55 - hinji **User deleted account** (07/24/2013) [+] (2 replies)
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This is FUNNYjunk!
I have no problem with gays and gay rights, but it doesn't belong here.

Inb4 moralfags thumb me down ( **** you!)
#111 - olelicious (07/24/2013) [-]
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#5 - anonymous (07/24/2013) [+] (11 replies)
I love how lesbians (real butch ones, not the hot fake kind) treat me like an asshole who's just out to **** them since I'm a guy, when in reality I would rather abstain from all sexual activity than be anywhere near their nasty fat hairy cunt.
#33 to #5 - sapphos (07/24/2013) [-]
You're hanging around with the wrong lesbians. I understand some of them take their homosexuality as an excuse to hate everything to do with men but I prefer to.. you know... act like a normal and sane human being because if we're going for equality and **** what kind of sad hypocrite am I?

Also I hang around with guys more than girls. Just because I **** them doesn't mean I want to listen to them talk about shoes, dogs and make-up.
#73 - bobfaget (07/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #44 - andovaredoras (07/24/2013) [+] (6 replies)
Homosexuality is fine and all, and i dont mind it at all, but...the rainbow thing is kinda annoying me, atm its a symbol for an optical phenomenon.. and gays...
+Why cant they just act normally and quietly, living their own life..
#76 - comeatmebrother (07/24/2013) [-]
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#114 - scotlandhome (07/24/2013) [-]
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#67 - ancel (07/24/2013) [+] (19 replies)
Love is still love.
Let my 40 year old son marry a 12 year old boy.

I'm for gay marriage but this logic is just so stupid.
User avatar #81 to #80 - YourLordAndMaster (07/24/2013) [-]
Legally it isn't consent. Ever hear of statutory rape? 16 year olds can consent, but they're still to young for it to be legal.
#38 - playcolt (07/24/2013) [-]
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My grandmother said "It's okay to be gay, just don't put any **** in your ass, that's gross"
User avatar #6 - stallwallwriter (07/24/2013) [+] (14 replies)
See, this is why homophobia is ultimately a losing proposition. You have to take the position against love, rainbows, and parades of scantily-dressed people.
User avatar #10 to #6 - rainbowtacos (07/24/2013) [-]
and lesbians, it's kind of hard to get people to hate lesbians.
User avatar #103 - phudgepacker (07/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I literally don't understand why there is opposition to gay marriage. Its not even that i think its unfair for gay couples. I just literally dont see how two dudes or girls getting married would affect people who say its wrong's lives in any way
User avatar #97 - gnooby (07/24/2013) [-]
It's funny how most of the comments are arguing over the literal text rather than the meaning of it. The sign would have the exact same meaning if it said:
"My daughter and her girlfriend deserve the right to marry the women of their dreams."
It's rather pathetic if you require it to say that just for the sake of making an argument.
#2 - anonymous (07/24/2013) [+] (15 replies)
to play devil advocate here.
what if homosexualty is a mental illness since homosexuals cannot reproduce which isnt helpful from an evoultuionary atandpoint. if it was genetic, why hasnt the gene died out

ps girl on girl...o ya
#32 to #19 - notafunnyguy (07/24/2013) [-]
species growth is happening as intended. humans are supposed to have 5-10 kids per family per lifetime. the real change is that we no longer have to fight for survival. we're basically guaranteed survival upon birth. even murder is illegal ( not complaining, but for the sake of my point this needs to be said) so basically natures natural selection of killing the dumb, and letting the fit survive is null and void. everyone who's born into the world of safety is promised a full, living life. which has caused our population to sky rocket. we value birth more than death, when the two go hand in hand.
#13 - anonymous (07/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Parenting She's doing it Wrong!!
#4 - anonymous (07/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
That's retarded and stupid
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