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#245 - empithree
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(07/24/2013) [-]
met only 1 teacher like this in my entire lifetime.
And i was the only student in the entire class to respect him instead of fearing or wishing him dead. This generation of people in Rome is ****.
#257 to #245 - guanyu
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(07/24/2013) [-]
You did let him know, right?
I had a good teacher too. Well several actually, but this one stood out. She was my Dutch teacher, she had a passion for teaching like I've never seen before. When a student was failing she would set them straight. If a student was doing well she would make them do better.
Because of her I now know when a verb ends with a d or a t. (It's a Dutch thing)
I finished a book for the first time and even a second.
Because of her, I'm not afraid of my dyslexia anymore. She showed me that you can get a lot done even if you have dyslexia. Like being a Dutch teacher for example.
She once gave the slackers a good speech in the middle of class. She told them that while they're slacking, other potential students who were turned down are sitting at home wishing they could attend her class. They actually got their act together.
She is a great teacher. Maybe even the greatest.
#298 to #257 - empithree
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(07/24/2013) [-]
I can't say i agree with that last statement.
#309 to #298 - guanyu
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(07/24/2013) [-]