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god i love British politics, i can listen to a session of parliament, and not understand a thing but the **** the right and left wingers shout at each other is absolutely glorious.

At Margaret Thatcher "(you act) with the sensitivity of a sex-starved boa-constrictor"

At Scottish football fans "those pigs from scotland"

Norman Tebbit after being called a "semi-house-trained polecat" then used the polecat in his coat of arms upon entering the house of lords.

"What is this fat man in such a passion about?"

despite some of the **** that they are aloud to say, they aren't aloud to accuse someone of telling lies or being drunk, but "terminological inexactitude" was ok when churchill said it

I encourage everyone to listen in on a parliamentary debate at some point, try to pick a time when something particularly inflaming is being talked about, like raising tuition.