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#2 - sinclairr
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Quick story, true, and ties into this somewhat.
>Went to South Korea for family business
>Kinda boring
>Spend most time going to some teen-club
>Employees speak English pretty well
>one day it's packed beyond hell
>Kids there when it's school time
>Ask Emplyee wtf is happening
>Employee tells me it's "Star-Craft Day"
>Well how did I forget...
>Kids get school off
>whole TV channel devoted to Star-Craft battles
>Watching a little
>Some Tank-Rush (like this)
>Other player counters with Zerglings, literally 2 or 3 **********
>Kids all freak out like someone was just killed
#5 to #2 - horrusia
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(07/22/2013) [-]