For highschool seniors. Repost, but it deserves it. I HATED People standing in the mast inconvenient places possible Tip cleen I This guy at lunch That couple w
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For highschool seniors

Repost, but it deserves it

**** I HATED
People standing in the mast
inconvenient places possible
Tip cleen I
This guy at lunch
That couple who you never really .
knew what they looked like became How everyone flips
they were always hurried in each **** when a test comes up
others faces
People who constantly brag
about how ****** up they got
at some party
Pep rallies that you were
forced to attend and how they
were basically a ploy for money
from students and parents
GENE Plo NE/ Those stupid ******* headphones
gtet 1/ Laug thoril , ::a;: veryone wore around their
The fact that school boards don' t
get the fact that standardised testing
doesn' t translate into actual education
and that they only do
it for more funding
When your teacher says there' s
only 2 or 3 questions for homework
but they are all multiple part questions
Girls who screech and practically piss
Sophomores and Juniors who just .
themselves In excitment when they see
got their licence and/ or car who "aw their friend at shcool on the first day
think they are the **** tta ever despite the fact they hung out all summer
walk the earth
L that
fragst (U i
Upper classmen who set the tone
of the next 4 years of high school
for freshmen by putting them down
for no ******* reason
Teachers who become the ''cool teachers"
lust became they don' t ******* do anything
but weiser, rela. bbe.
I' m just glad it' s over
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Submitted: 07/19/2013
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#2 - anonymous (07/19/2013) [-]
So you hated everyone in high school that wasnt normal?
User avatar #1 - alphabethsoop (07/19/2013) [-]
But even though they were annoying, I still am going to miss them next year. They make high school well, high school.
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