Found on /k/ .... I was lurking /k/ last night and found this ... it was supposed to be a Cree/pasta // 2spooky Innawoods thread . I Movie Theater Lad (/ 09( )  Found on /k/ I was lurking last night and found this it supposed to be a Cree/pasta // 2spooky Innawoods thread Movie Theater Lad (/ 09( )
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Found on /k/ ...

Found on /k/ .... I was lurking /k/ last night and found this ... it was supposed to be a Cree/pasta // 2spooky Innawoods thread . I Movie Theater Lad (/ 09( )

I was lurking /k/ last night and found this ...

it was supposed to be a Cree/pasta // 2spooky Innawoods thread

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I Movie Theater Lad (/ 09( ) 18: 35 No.
I' m blushing like crazy.
Okay, basically, when I was about , I was in boy scouts. Well, one night on a camping trip, all the boys were discussing hot girls and how awesome it would be if some hot girls from school
came along.
Well, since I had always been the effeminate one at school, I decided that it would be good to, well, give the boys some relief. So I asked one of my lady friends to let me borrow her girl scout uniform.
I did my hair all nice, smuggled the outfit into my bag, and when we got there at the campsite, we were given the opportunity to explore. Well, I muck around behind this big rock and put
everything on (yes, even panties and stockings and whatnot).
Ifound the boys in a clearing and at first they didn' t know who I was until a couple of seconds were like, "JP WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU . . 9. l." which led to more like, 'Well I' ll be
damned you look mighty pretty!"
Using what I had learned from Bugs Bunny cartoons (God I' m a dork) I pretending to be a lost , playing up the charm and being ateast... just like Bugs.
Settings occurred. Like, Me against twelve other boys. Luckily, they were all fairly attractive so...
I Movie Theater Lad : 27 no. till
2: 2 035192
Basically, I was in a gut scout uniform surrounded by boys pants. They were all about inches erect, and they were At pretty cute. I hrs) started sucking tiff one of them well masturbating t: ' oth ers in
my hands. A couple of .ather kids were jacking while watching, andl had to keep between everybody. I got used to it after a while, most cocks feel the same In your mouth anyway.
They started getting started feeling me up I had one guy grabbing my ass with another guy grabbing my cock while another guy started kissing an over my face.
I' ll title' sh this later to to tires e:
Feel your erect dick. It' s hard and has -a layer of flesh attached Now pull back on the flesh from the base. See" how tight l is nawt. t
Now imagine it covered with spit.
Thats what. Als o, I managed to get in pretty deep. Not TOO deep, sin m these are all 12 we cocks we' re talking about but enough to reach their pubic hair with my nos e.
Nope. we guy fingering me at first, andt had already been experimenting at home with brush handles. So no, not really. It felt really nice though.
I Mottle Theater Lad (. 35 No. 20 035751 E
may, sothe guy is kissing all over my face, not caring that a cock is grazing against his face.
Everyone' s grabbing all over me, and some ofthem are even making outwith each other. Lost in the momenta guess.
Within T minutes, they' re all pretty much naked except for me. I still got my berret and skirt on One by leans upto me indwells me my hairwax pretty and bit one my lip. That hurt. I told how boothe suck me off and
he obliged. He stopped after a while though and started sucking on my toes and kissing my thigh.
There was this cute boy there named Timmy, who was cute but shy, just it not participating, and I crawled overture him and starteled suck him off exclusively.
Then one ofthe guys as orignal to pull down my panties it in.
I Maine Theater Lad ? . 43 No. 200 E
357" 14
So while he' s fucking me in the butt (l believe his name was Ryan), I' m sucking kid and he' s making all these funny little grunts cull guess he never got his dick sucked before.
Sure enough, Timmy blows his load in my mouth and needless to say I was like "THIS IS I MUST EAT." and so I sucked we couple more guys till they came, and I also had a couple tfguys shoot off
inside ofmy and on my skin (by this point I' m nothing but my stockings, skirt, and beret}.
I decided thatl would let each one have a round mofucking me in the ass, missionary or doggy as those were the only ones I knew, until they came. Each one fucked the for about 5 minutes each andno pass the
time I could suck somebody off. but ifthey came in my mouth, they weren' t getting ass, too. Because thats not faggto everyone else. And if anyone could make me cum without touching me I' d do them favors after
school. I did it anyway for anybody in the end, but up for a challenge.
Most ofthem preferred missionary, so that they could see my face and maxedout with me.
I must' orgasm' d like tiimes in that one hour. It was mindblowing.
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