Last Parachute and Julius Malema. Last Parachute and ex. Julius Malema. An airplane was about to crash; there were s passengers on board but Only 4 parachutes.  Parachute Julius

Last Parachute and Julius Malema

Last Parachute and ex. Julius Malema

An airplane was about to crash; there were
s passengers on board but Only 4 parachutes.
Ist Tm the world' s number I footballer.
F IFA needs me, I can' t afford to die?
So he tuck the first pack and left the plane.
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End passenger:
I am the wife of the Former
President of the United States, I am the
most ambitious woman in The world.
I am also New York Senator and a
potential future President?
She just tech the Incl parachute and jumped out of the plane.
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rrd passenger:
Tm also a President.
Millions of South African youth always
look to me for guidance. Above all Pin the
cleverest youth President in African history, and
Africa 's people Won' t let me die',
2 H is Fath artcore,
I have millions that I have not spent yet
Julius Malena: former president of
the African National Congress Youth League
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So he put on a pack next him and jumped cut of the plane.
tth passenger:
Nelson Mandela says to the fifth passenger, a 10 year old Chinese schoolboy,
Tm old and have lived a fruitful life,
God will decide my fate, so N let you
have the last parachute',
s OK, there' s
a parachute left for you.
Julius took my schoolbag',
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meh old
with different people
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meh 5/10
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