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Well, in my opinion it's ****** up to take advantage of someone while he/she (yes, I think both women and men can be in this situation) totally drunk and the other one is sober. But I wouldn't call it rape. Both genders should control their level of alcohol before making decisions such as sleeping with someone.
About that paying...women should get more money, but they should always pay 50/50 as well.
Also I find it unfair that the society expects women to look perfect - always makeup on, perfect hair, nice clothes etc., but some women actually enjoy it. I, for example, never wear makeup, wear clothes that I grab first etc. and most men look at me as if I was less than other people. I'm sorry if that sounded feminist to you (I'm not a feminist), but that is my actual experience and maybe men in my country are different than other men.
Think what you want, I'm not a feminist, but some things really are unfair to women and of course other things are unfair to men, though I think there's less of them. (: