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User avatar #77 - andrewjla
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(07/18/2013) [-]
a crayon takes 12 days to get delivered? why not just go buy 1 at the store? And why does it take so long? Can't they just take one off the line, put it in an envelope, and send it?
User avatar #124 to #77 - silasdg
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(07/18/2013) [-]
As someone who occasionaly makes these types of shipments to customers there are plenty of reasons why it might take 12 days.

1-2 Days to process and respond to the issue. (including your response since I would need shipping info and the ok to ship you product).

1-3 Days to get hold of a replacement part and have it dropped at the shipping dock.

1-2 days for the dock to process and release (It would be quicker but this item would be listed as low priority)

5-7 Day Standard Shipping

All in all you've 8-14 days between a complaint and the complete resolution.

Add 2 days for every weekend where the business and shipping companies are likely closed.

At the minimum of 8 days you've hit at the least one so add 2 days. but that makes 10 so you've hit two weekends now so add two more and that makes 12 days.

User avatar #125 to #124 - silasdg
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(07/18/2013) [-]

Also to your question of "Can't they just take one of the line and send it"

Crayola is not a one man/woman company. The same person answering the complaint emails is not working on the line, moving the product, packaging the product, or shipping the product. He/She either has to have the specific crayon on hand or have contact in charge of stock within the company.
#82 to #77 - themassivefail
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