Pixar Theory. . Toy Story I tells us a lot about the motivations of the toys. Total isolation from humans is lethal, but museum interaction is considered a utop i love you
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Pixar Theory

Toy Story I tells us a lot about
the motivations of the toys. Total
isolation from humans is lethal, but
museum interaction is considered a
utopia. We also witness resentment
from toys like Jesse being discarded
by her owner.
In "Finding Memo." we witness
the growing Intelligence of an
underwater network of fish who
unite to save a fish from humans.
This movie shows signs of growing
animosity towards humans for
polluting the environment and
stealing fish to put them in cages.
Dory' s ability to read and speak
whale also points in
MOT animal evolution.
Animals are becoming more
emboldened, as we see in
Ratatouille." the first Pixar movie
to show animals interacting and
befriending humans. We see that
rats tear and hate humans. an
extension of the growing animosity
we see in "Finding Memo." We also
witness humans reacting to the
surprising intelligence of animals. Mm
11 years after the events of "Toy
Story it," we dind the mortality of
sentient objects being addressed yet
again. We see intense resentment of
humans in Lotso Huggin' Bear and
his organization efforts within the
daycare. We also see a reference to
the corporation {EMU
on Bus: Lightyear' s batteries.
We know that "Up" has to take
place after "Toy Story 3," because
Andy has a postcard on his wall
from Carl and Ellie. This means the
movie took place before Ellie died,
meaning "Up" had to take place
some time after, also. "Up" is the
tipping point of animal evolution
and bitterness with humans,
Charles blunt: creates translator
collars in order to train an army
of dogs more effectively. This
experimentation with animals is the
tipping point between
animals and humans. Also, Earl' s
house is in jeopardy because a
corporation is expanding the
city. This is Elm. the corporation
controlled by machines.
After the events of "Up," BNL
proceeds to take over the world.
as credited by the commercial we
see later on in "Waller." They take
over the world by providing a way
to meet the needs of every human
all the time, leading; to a relentless
consumerism culture that bleeds the
planet of resources, To make things
right, BNL sends humans away via
Axiom, intending for them to return
once the planet has been cleaned
up- With humans gone, machines
take up the role as Earth' s dominant
species. which we see in "Cars," The
machines are still heavily influenced
by humans, as evidenced by their
customs and use of traditional.
human landmarks. Their dominance
likely takes place years
before the events of "Waller," before
they fully pollute the earth due to
the use of oil, as we see in "Cars 2."
Centuries after the machines lose
Earth to pollution. Wall liberates
the humans from the Autopilot
and saves the last remaining shred
of , allowing machines,
humans, and animals a second shot
at building a sustaining world.,
U 2 333-
in "A Bug' s Life." we see how the
insect world has managed to grow
along with the new world. Though
there are a couple of references
to them, humans are not seen or
ti' M?,', - ' feared by the bugs. Their societies
are much more advanced and
humaniod than any other Fixer
movie featuring animals. They have
cities, bars, and even invent their
own machines,
in the distant future. animals have
evolved to replace humans as the
dominant species, to the point
where humans are completely
forgotten. They have now become
monsters" with
their own civilization on a future
Earth. We are told that Monsters
University was founded in
1313, which means the monster
civilization bases their calendar
over a 1000 years in the past,
Without humans, however, the
monsters have no source of energy.
They create machines to use
doors" as a means of time travel,
allowing them to harvest energy
from when there were plenty of
humans. By the end of "Monsters
Inca" monsters learn how to gather
this energy through love instead of
tear, ending the Pixar timeline at
a time when animals. humans, and
machines have achieved balance
and harmony. After visiting the
monster world, however, Mo
becomes aware of animals like
Sully (Kitty) that are smart. To
find her friend, she discovers how
to use doors in her part of the '
timeline, which is probably in the . - '
late , to travel backwards and
forwards in time. She travels to the
time period of "Brave" and becomes
a witch obsessed with "wood"
which is the source of what makes
the doors travel in time. She turns
people into bears using the magic
picture of Sully in her workshop. . ' "-'-"ff
Well, the short version at least. The full theory with
even more detailed explanations and comments is
available via . com. so consult at if you
have any questions. objections. or something to add
that you think is great. Thanks for reading!
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While I love this, I thought I saw something strangely similar on the frontpage just yesterday.
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worth the read. i love these. thanks