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#716 - Greevon
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(07/17/2013) [-]

The author of this article is John Boone. He's trying to turn media against Charles.
There must be something we can do against this douchebag.
User avatar #724 to #716 - vgamefrk
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(07/17/2013) [-]
articles like that are all over the internet. Daily Dot has one of its own. Part of the media is trying to shine the light on charles as a creeper so other people can create outrage. If enough of the public says no to charles winning it will happen. which is why we need to stand up and show that we are all behind him. I would recommend contacting kiss 108 with our support behind charles so he doesnt get disqualified from the contest. If enough people call them to support charles they will see that the majority votes are actually people and not bots. Here is all the contact info I could find on kiss 108's website

Promotions Dept: Promotions@ You need to login to view this link
Music Questions: Music@ You need to login to view this link

Feedback: feedback@ You need to login to view this link
Press: press@ You need to login to view this link
KISS Cares: Care@ [url deleted]

Business Address: KISS 108 FM (WXKS)
10 Cabot Road
Suite 302
Medford, MA 02155

Office Phone:

Contest Line: 617-931-1-108