Really useful life hacks…. Really useful life hacks… . People tent to notice things they' re looking lot and one they Mit find it lav even better, they do tint  9lols
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Really useful life hacks…

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People tent to notice things they' re looking lot and one they Mit find it lav even better,
they do tint in they ignore everything else, so if you than to slip something by someone.
have sure they catch you on something that doesn' t matter, and they on what
youve hiding.
The story behind this is that in Benin while the wall was no there was this smuggler who
used to ride, every day, hunt east Berlin into West Berlin lot perhaps it was vice verso.
i out remember) with a hag at who on the back or ms oracle.
Every tone. the checkpoint guards would out open the bag or sand, search through it.
lint! nothing. and let him go minis way. not every night he would tenth.
They never realized that he was smuggling bicycles.
Iii new to to do anything at all the next mi on put something in my tooth out at place.
this works any time. Say 701 example I really than to remember to email my oppressor more leaving
Int this I will out a more on the Mar. I will initially think “Why light email Erne".
A at on the
1. Look me in the eyes. Do not break my gaze.
2. Tell me what you had for lunch three days ago.
The person probably can' t remember. It' s a lot harder
to access that memory without moving the eyes.
If you ask a question, and receive only a partial answer
respond with polite silence. Simply wait.
A more complete answer will usually follow.
when trying to get away with something sketchy, not Illegal per so but browner upon Walk into
the place like you awn it, with glance armad. stop tor a second or look .
limes out or 10 homely will question you Von uni get away with lots or My
Give someone a pen and paper and ask them to write anything.
Most of the time, they' ll write their name.
Go no to someone In a restaurant and all them to close their we and more a playing cold.
While they are , eat as much when tool: as you can and run away.
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