Double standards and then some. . What would have happened if the races were switched?" This question has been asked bythe national media and Trayvon supporters
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Double standards and then some

What would have happened if the races were switched?"
This question has been asked bythe national media and Trayvon supporters alike, claiming that if Zimmerman was
black, and Trayvon was white, the jury' s decision would be different. Let' s look at a case very similar to the
Zimmerman case and see if the decision was different:
Roderick Scott: African American
Rochester, NY. April 4, 2009, AAM. Scott saw suspicious
behavior of teens rummaging through a neighbor' s can
Scott left his house and headed across the street to
confront the teens. He carried his pistol in his hand for self-
The teens tried to leave, and Scott followed the teens down
the road. He never told the teens to stop.
According to Scott, Christopher Servin, a Caucasian 17 year
old male, turned around and charged at him.
Scott fired two rounds at Christopher in ,
killing him. Scott called the police.
Scott was charged with and degree murder, which was
reduced to manslaughter by a grand jury. The defense' s
testimony was that the killing was in .
Scott’ s testimony did not match up with the coroner' s
testimony. According to the coroner was shot in the
batik, then from a downward angle through the hand into
his chest like an execution.
in December 18, 2009, the jury found Roderick Scott
not guilty of manslaughter.
Duly the local media covered this story. there were no
protests, rallies, or outcries on social media sites. The family
of Christopher Cervine fails that justice was not served for
their son.
George Zimmerman:
Sanford, FL. February 26, PPM. Zimmerman called a non-
emergency home to report suspicious behavior of a teen on a
neighbors property.
Zimmerman left his truck when he saw the teen run. He carried
a pistol in his hip holster for .
Zimmerman followed the teen until the operator said that it was
not neccessary. He then went back to find an address so the
police could meet up with him.
According to Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, an African American
17 year old male, confronted and attacked him. Zimmerman
called for help and witnesses called the police.
After Zimmerman called for help for almost a minute while he
was being attacked, he shot Trayvon in , killing him.
Zimmerman was charged with and degree murder, with
manslaughter as a lesser charge. The defense' s testimonials
that the killing was in .
Zimmerman' s testimony matched up with the testimony of
Dr. Diamao, the leading pathologist in gunshot wounds. Accord-
ing to Dr. Diamao, Martin' s shirt hung away from his body and
the shot was inches from his chest, which is congruent to him
being hunched over Zimmerman.
in July 7, 2013, the jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of
and degree murder or manslaughter.
The media covered this story nationwide. There were protests,
rallies and a large outcry throughout social media sites.
Donations were given to support Martin' s family throughout the
trial. The family of Trayvon Martin fails that justice was not
served for their son.
During the attorney interviews, after the Zimmerman trials, a reporter asked the attorneys the question "Do you
think the outcome of the trial would have been different if Zimmerman was black, and Trayvon was white?"
What do you think?
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#7 - Common Pepe (07/16/2013) [-]
You know what, **** this. What about my friend, like a little sister Sasha Marsden (just google her name, add England if needs be). She's 16 and was raped, stabbed in the head and neck and then raped while she was dying and when she was dead. Where's the outcry for the cunt who is pleading NOT GUILTY to doing this? ******* makes me mad.
User avatar #5 - pompladouche (07/16/2013) [-]
NY and FL are two COMPLETELY different States with different carry/protection laws. Also, racial bias wasn't considered in the Zimmerman trial as a motive. Stop using race as a factor in this
User avatar #1 - Durricane **User deleted account** (07/16/2013) [+] (4 replies)
White kid was breaking into a car

Black kid was walking home.

Yes, It would have been a lot different..
#2 to #1 - Common Pepe (07/16/2013) [-]
Did you instantly stop reading the post after the first few sentences? Also, did you do research into each case after "reading" the post ("reading" since you obviously didn't read it.)
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