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#5 - skiskate (07/15/2013) [-]
I liked Fallout new vegas better then Fallout 3
#246 to #5 - golbot (07/16/2013) [-]
I live in vegas. So my opinion is biased.

But i agree...
#241 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #240 to #5 - TheLastManStanding (07/16/2013) [-]
I liked a lot of things new vegas brought to the table, more weapons, weapon mods, ammo things like that. But something about fallout 3 just made it great, whatever it was it wasn't in Fallout New Vegas. Love them both, couldn't tell you which one is better.
#239 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/16/2013) [-]
I never considered even trying FO3, because it was made by wrong people. I enjoyed NV, but everyone seem to agree that FO3 story is better, so I may even give it a go.
#214 to #5 - drackmore (07/16/2013) [-]
I quite liked both equally. Both games has several key aspects that set it apart from its counterpart and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy both games. The major flaw I have however is the bug issues with the console versions of Newvegas however the PC versions are fine.
#213 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/16/2013) [-]
So did I.
User avatar #201 to #5 - theseventhalias (07/16/2013) [-]
The story sucked, but it did have a lot of content.
#196 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/16/2013) [-]
I liked Fallout 3 more. I didn't like all the invisible walls on the hills in vegas.
anyways have fun in new vegas
#183 to #5 - darkjustifier (07/16/2013) [-]
I liked all the Fallouts equally and can't wait for 4.
User avatar #165 to #5 - missrainbowdash (07/16/2013) [-]
it wasn't that much better than fallout 3, though I agree it was better, both great games.
User avatar #148 to #5 - buttinspecter (07/16/2013) [-]
I found both games to be EXACTLY equally good.
User avatar #142 to #5 - fyaq (07/16/2013) [-]
i started today, its nice.
User avatar #139 to #5 - hawaiianhappysauce (07/16/2013) [-]
To me both were about equal with one having a better story, the other having better gameplay. Fallout 3's story was just more fun. But playing Fallout New Vegas on Hardcore mode was roleplaying to the max.
User avatar #134 to #5 - jdistasio (07/16/2013) [-]
They are both fantastic games, and I can't wait for Fallout 4
User avatar #106 to #5 - fightforfate (07/16/2013) [-]
i preferred 3 because it felt like a post apocalyptic world, ruined buildings and that.
new vegas just felt like a alien desert
User avatar #110 to #106 - nathanbiggs ONLINE (07/16/2013) [-]
That's one thing I didn't like about Fallout 3. The game occurs 200 years after the bombs dropped, shouldn't civilization have advanced more than by that point?
User avatar #119 to #110 - fightforfate (07/16/2013) [-]
well almost everyone died and most things were destroyed so they wouldn't of had much to work with.
plus most of humanity were in the vaults
#82 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/15/2013) [-]
Cool, that's your opinion. In my opinion I prefer Fallout 3, but you have yours and I have mine.
User avatar #75 to #5 - failtolawl (07/15/2013) [-]
Fallout New Vegas felt like you were more part of the experience. Fallout 3 just took too long to do anything productive.
User avatar #74 to #5 - thundagawd (07/15/2013) [-]
There was just so much more to do in New Vegas, but Fallout 3 definitely had the better story.
#72 to #5 - musiicorn (07/15/2013) [-]
This is going to sound really stupid but... I thought he was a robot this whole entire time, I just now realized he was wearing armor.
User avatar #187 to #72 - crazehtoast (07/16/2013) [-]
He originally was a robot, but somebody moved the eyes down.
#199 to #187 - musiicorn (07/16/2013) [-]
Oh. Cool. [Gif unrelated, just watching this anime and I love it. It's Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni btw.]
Oh. Cool. [Gif unrelated, just watching this anime and I love it. It's Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni btw.]
#63 to #5 - marccraftmc (07/15/2013) [-]
Fallout New Vegas had much more content. Better ammo system and better shooting system. Ironsights and a ton more snipers with all kinds of ammo did it for me + the amazing DLC.
User avatar #56 to #5 - Hoobling (07/15/2013) [-]
Everybody liked New Vegas more than Fallout 3.
#52 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/15/2013) [-]
NV felt like a return to the spiritual home of the series. we got to see the next stage in the evolution of those crazy kids from shady sands.
User avatar #49 to #5 - temporalguardian (07/15/2013) [-]
So i got new vegas for as my first fallout game and I got bored of it once i had to go to some loony place to like deliver something and i just could not find the ****** guy. I also kept dying non-stop.
User avatar #37 to #5 - ddemiddon (07/15/2013) [-]
Fallout NV, is my favorite game, but I got more out of Fallout 3. I don't know, Fallout New Vegas looks better, but I like Fallout 3's factions and main quest better
#32 to #5 - rockstarownage ONLINE (07/15/2013) [-]
i enjoyed both of them, fallout 3's story/environment, NV - guns, lonesome road/old world blues, and a little bit of the mechanics more
User avatar #29 to #5 - dinosawtacos (07/15/2013) [-]
I enjoyed both equally.
User avatar #26 to #5 - snup (07/15/2013) [-]
So you liked New Vegas, but after a while you changed you veered towards Fallout 3?

Just kidding, I do agree with you though, the gameplay was just so much better to make me think that even though the story wasn't as good, the game was better.
#24 to #5 - restfullwicked (07/15/2013) [-]
i think 3s story was better but i agree. i thought NV was better game as a whole.
User avatar #22 to #5 - slumberdonkey (07/15/2013) [-]
I like Fallout 3 better, but I've only played through new vegas once, so i don't think i'm giving it enough credit.
User avatar #20 to #5 - topperharly ONLINE (07/15/2013) [-]
story of fallout 3 environment of new vegas
User avatar #152 to #20 - nyawgga (07/16/2013) [-]
For me it's vice versa. Haha.
User avatar #103 to #20 - boogyshadow (07/16/2013) [-]
But... [Opinion warning!] The storyline for Fallout 3 is terrible close to the last 10 minutes-ish if you're grinding through. Broken Steel helped a lot with the storyline but the fact that you had to purchase a real ending felt mass effect 3-ish [/Opinion]
User avatar #211 to #103 - drewhamster (07/16/2013) [-]
Is it like this with all bethesda games? I'm asking a legitimate question out of curiosity. The only game I have published by them is Rage and it has a huge letdown of an ending and I've heard that Dishonored doesn't really have a great ending either.
User avatar #215 to #211 - curtkobain (07/16/2013) [-]
******** . dishonored is great
#97 to #20 - trolololel (07/16/2013) [-]
Meh, I think New Vegas is fine the way it is.
User avatar #125 to #97 - vicsix (07/16/2013) [-]
But The Enclave wanted to kill pretty much ******* everyone, except for the Enclave soldiers. Also, Ghouls are healed by radiation to an extent. The amount there was in the room would kill even Super mutants.
#151 to #125 - Absolute Madman (07/16/2013) [-]
wouldn't the ghoul buddy become so engorged with radiation his brain would erode and become a bright one?
User avatar #158 to #151 - vicsix (07/16/2013) [-]
He'd go feral, then roamer, reaver, glowing, dead.
User avatar #116 to #97 - akkere ONLINE (07/16/2013) [-]
One thing I would like to point out is that New Vegas is actually more closer to being a "Fallout" game than FO3 ever was, a fact that most people who say FO3 > New Vegas seem to forget or are completely unaware of.
#93 to #20 - xpeh (07/16/2013) [-]
Story and Environment of Fallout 3, and everything else New Vegas
User avatar #19 to #5 - sealman (07/15/2013) [-]
I really like the content and mechanics in New Vegas, but I definitely liked the story in Fallout 3 more. I guess it's just what you value more. I still had fun in both though.
#18 to #5 - europe (07/15/2013) [-]
And that's completely fair

Fallout NV has a better story but Fallout 3 has a better atmosphere and exploration
Many people would disagree and say that Fallout 3's plot is "deeper" which might be so, but it's full of holes.
User avatar #30 to #18 - lilRican (07/15/2013) [-]
eh, getting shot in the head and then getting caught into war?

I kind of prefer the story of looking for your dad and then giving clean water to all...

but again it's all opinion
#96 to #30 - nathanbiggs ONLINE (07/16/2013) [-]
The main story in NV is much better than the one in 3, at least it made sense.
User avatar #84 to #30 - failtolawl (07/16/2013) [-]
it's nice, but how many hours of gameplay do you go through to really accomplish 2 things in the main story?

The main story and the side quests seemed more involved in NV
User avatar #17 to #5 - Epicgetguy (07/15/2013) [-]
I agree with you
User avatar #14 to #5 - thepyras (07/15/2013) [-]
That's probably because it was better.
User avatar #9 to #5 - yunablade (07/15/2013) [-]
I still havent played Vegas...

The only reason I havent bought it is because I remember 3 being so damn long and I don't think I will ever have time to play it properly.
User avatar #10 to #9 - skiskate (07/15/2013) [-]
New vegas is much more condensed. I think you would like more
User avatar #8 to #5 - jinxbomb (07/15/2013) [-]
i liked how many more side quests it had for such a compact enviroment, but i sitll wish that map was bigger
User avatar #150 to #8 - nyawgga (07/16/2013) [-]
And Caesar's Legion had more quests
#6 to #5 - Absolute Madman (07/15/2013) [-]
User avatar #7 to #6 - skiskate (07/15/2013) [-]
OK then =(
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