The Male Hierachy. For ecion <3 So you understand and people know where they stand.. Male Social Hierarchy The Alpha Positive male is considered the pinnacle greek letters and shit
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The Male Hierachy

The Male Hierachy. For ecion <3 So you understand and people know where they stand.. Male Social Hierarchy The Alpha Positive male is considered the pinnacle

For ecion <3

So you understand and people know where they ******* stand.

Male Social Hierarchy
The Alpha Positive male is considered the pinnacle of the s
coincident in himself, his abilities, and does not entertain an all as he does u
fear replacement. Men who fall i: ntry this category have usually had multiple
sexual paisleys, both longstory and shirtstorm relationships, bat do not allow
women to dominate their lives. Instead, they pursue their life goals while
successfully mug their social, sexual, and material desires, Attractive as
well as intelligent, these men are said to "have it "
The Alpha Negative male shares many similarities with the Alpha Positive,
however his one values he more towards sexual Pursuits and spin the
moment denies. Noticably less intelligent and less experienced than his
positive counterpart, the Alpha Negative male relies on his charisma to get
ahead of the pack. Upward mobility is possible through education and i
change values, but due to their way in living many are cement
with their standing,
The we Positive male has a great amount of potential in reach Alpha status,
though he possibly lacks the willpower, direction. and social opportunities
hed require. Usually intelligent and experienced, their disadvantage lies in
a certain social ineptness and of situations, They generally
surround and look up the Alpha male, Seeing him as a model for sommething
they can one day earn.
they do not seek to be apart oi it. Developing into artists and philosophers, these
highly intelligent individuals journey through life by means of introspection
while disregarding mass culture and social approval. While they may be capable
of having everything an Alpha Positive male has, they simply have no desire for
it and focus their energy low. -oil their own noble
The Delta Positive male is closely related to the Beta Positive male, my vihart
any ambition my success. The Delta Positive prefers to simply exist, being
cement with his own mediocrity, They generally validate themselves through
their possessions with many having collections as their primary hobby, and
spend the majority of their time working menial labs, watching television, or
browsing the i: nternet. While not very good for intelligent discussion in ideas,
they can provide decent "water cooler" conversation
The Beta Negative males share the traits of the Beta Positive, but with a vastly
more negative on their , These males will constantly pursue
social approval while categorizing themselves as Alpha males.
Instead of attempting to learn from the Alphas, the Beta Negative jealously
criticizes them and their supporters. They generally have a distorted world
view due to their egocentric personality, and are prone to anger mini even the
slightest criticism This naturally makes developing difficult, as
the Bela Negative will never solve improve his own faults, blaming failure
on everything besides himsel.(.
The Gamma Negative male paradoxically also seeks to distance himself mini
society, but because in the trendy thing tty do Within his social circle. Like
hipsters or gems, their disregard of society stems from a culture they' adopted
themselves into with in own social ladder. They will continually preach about
their hatred OK societal norms but with their only true intent being try attain
approval and elevate their status within their gimp.
The Delia Negative male is Ture the same as his positive counterpart but with a
greater deal of social oi psychological ineptness He will have a tendency to
spend well on desires, with no regards try well being
He does not value intelligence creativity, and will Levey attribute these to his
social superiors' successes, Will easily be lead about like cattle from trend
tend, simply because in the slams qua
The Omega Positive lacks ambition, confidence, intelligence, and creativity;
all the traits that somehow benefit the higher standings. He has a ham time
operating under pressure, and will have a great fear of social siliceous They
will we in to any desire that they can amid, and lack the discipline to n\
a stable lifestyle. commonly, the things they enjoy are considered strange oi
unsavory by the rest of society, but the Omega males will always shut themselves
up in a safety Idet of their pleasures and end up being Outcast for it, The saving
grace of the Omega Positive is that he is well aware onus poor decisions and
failures and will pumps someday develop the to alter himself as
an individual.
The Omega Negative has every trait of the Omega Positive except he is completely
unaware of why his situation exists and why society finds him disgusting, To him
ms We choices aye perfectly normal and , and he will commonly meet
sayankees mine with the same Situation who will validate his lifestyle Mentally
childish emotionally imbalanced, socially inept, and entirely oblivious, these
males are comepletely beyond redemption.
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