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#22 - ladygrantham (07/12/2013) [-]
Person asks why reporter doesn't report the full story
Reporter doesn't address the question at hand at all
Instead, reporter goes into her tweet history and comments on it

User avatar #170 to #22 - alltimetens (07/13/2013) [-]
Because Gaza is the victim of Israeli war-crimes.
#95 to #22 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
found the jew
User avatar #33 to #22 - Crusader (07/12/2013) [-]
But she asked him to do soemthing he already did
"4 rockets just fired from near media center in Gaza city" - A-Coops
"Why not talk about the rockets being fired from Gaza" - Random lady
Was he not reporting about rockets being fired from Gaza? That always confuses me when I see this picture.
#126 to #33 - themongoose (07/13/2013) [-]
No, you're right. Rockets fired from Gaza...from the same area that had rockets fired at it earlier. He is reporting both sides. I don't understand why people think otherwise.

They must be as dumb as Pam Weiss.
#117 to #33 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
A-Coops: look at these rockets fired INTO Gaza.
Lady: But what about the rockets FROM Gaza?

Weiss was wondering why Cooper isn't reporting on the other side of the battle. "Yeah, keep talking about people firing weapons at Gaza. Just don't make Gaza look like a helpless victim, because they're firing the other way just as much"... is basically what she's saying.

Cooper rebuts that if she wasn't looking into useless pop tid bits and instead payed attention to real news, then she'd know this isn't the case.
User avatar #78 to #33 - fukkendragonite (07/13/2013) [-]
no he was talking about the rockets fired at the Palestinians in Gaza, but not the ones being fired from Gaza attacking the Israelis
#150 to #78 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
He mentioned both sides. You're retarded.
User avatar #231 to #150 - fukkendragonite (07/13/2013) [-]
I know he did, I was explaining what the stupid ****** meant. She was wrong, but I was explaining what she meant
#38 to #33 - ladygrantham (07/12/2013) [-]
I always pictured it as he was just reporting one side of the war. Like he was trying to humanize one of the combatants despite the fact they were doing the exact same thing the enemy was doing.
User avatar #25 to #22 - heziahrm (07/12/2013) [-]
To be fair it'd be pretty hard to report a full story on twitter.
#26 to #25 - ladygrantham (07/12/2013) [-]
He could have at least tried to respond or post a link to the story or something. Not dig through her twitter and post something completely unrelated.
#27 to #26 - heziahrm (07/12/2013) [-]
Agreed, that was pretty unprofessional and pointless. Here, look at this neat .gif
Agreed, that was pretty unprofessional and pointless. Here, look at this neat .gif
User avatar #79 to #27 - ICEDgrunge (07/13/2013) [-]
In my eyes, she attacked him for no reason. It was uncalled for. I'd say that's pretty unprofessional in the first place, as well. However, I am very much biased towards AC, cos' he's ******* awesome.
#30 to #28 - heziahrm (07/12/2013) [-]
Then you may like this one too. It's all sparky and never ending.
Then you may like this one too. It's all sparky and never ending.
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