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#125 - Cambro
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Captain America has limited super strength and super speed while also being an expert technician, while Batman is only an excellent technician. But Batman is also a genius and has more gadgets than Cap could ever hope to counter. Stripped down, man on man, Captain America wins. But such a confrontation would never happen. Batman's whole premise is defeating his foes without engaging in face to face combat without him already having the advantage (thus all the stealth and hiding in shadows).

Sort of related cool Batman fanart.
User avatar #182 to #125 - cantbelieveimhere
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It's definitely a toss up - cap has plenty of power to out-due Batman, however, Batman also has a way to trump all superheroes, and would probably figure it out before he went into combat with him. It would all come down to the battlefield, each character's background on the other, and what arsenals they had. Of course, there is also the chance that halfway through the battle they stop for some reason be it other superheroes breaking it up or a greater evil that can only be stopped by joining forces. I compliment your comparison abilities as many people won't weigh the characters based on all of their fields - weapons, powers, battle preferences, etcetera. You have presented a perspective that doesn't weigh the fight on preference, and I give you props for it. have a thumb!
User avatar #176 to #125 - simplelife
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