laziness #2. .. Can we at least agree that the sunbathing one is genius?
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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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laziness #2

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Submitted: 07/11/2013
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User avatar #26 - murphypop (07/12/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Can we at least agree that the sunbathing one is genius?
#5 - anonymous (07/11/2013) [+] (3 replies)
I don't understand the fuel fill up one... In England most places have longer hoses so people can fill up either site anyway
#7 - mrinappropriate (07/11/2013) [-]
It's damn lazy, but too darn smart at the same time!
It's damn lazy, but too darn smart at the same time!
#40 - thascomrad (07/12/2013) [-]
Now that's just clever
Now that's just clever
User avatar #21 - KayRed (07/12/2013) [-]
The woman mowing the lawn in the scooter isn't lazy, it's cheap. Hiring a landscaper would be lazy.
#15 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
The Last one = Masturbation comfort.
#11 - kaslin (07/11/2013) [+] (6 replies)
The second one, Dependapotamous sighted.
The second one, Dependapotamous sighted.
User avatar #36 - yunoknow (07/12/2013) [-]
name the comp geniuses and everyone will look at it in a different light
User avatar #13 - brokentrucker (07/12/2013) [-]
The level 38 one I would SOOOOOO totally do if I was on, like, a quarter tank and it was cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra doing push-ups in the snow.
User avatar #42 - splendiddust (07/12/2013) [-]
that paddle board thing would actually take talent, i think
User avatar #39 - gtaant (07/12/2013) [-]
What's lazy about the second last one..?
User avatar #32 - trogdorrules (07/12/2013) [-]
Anyone else notice the bottle of lotion in the background on the first picture?
#28 - disconinja (07/12/2013) [-]
How is playing the Wii lazy?
User avatar #25 - UlquiorraCifer (07/12/2013) [-]
And here we see the rare Jack Black getting ready for its next role as comedic relief
User avatar #24 - SuperSixONE (07/12/2013) [+] (2 replies)
The first one is an "April Fools" joke item on
#23 - wyattgc (07/12/2013) [-]
I work at Mickey'D's, I've had a fat bitch pull up a chair to wait in line for less than a minute. Then she leaned on the counter while ordering, then nearly lost her breath trying to get to her wallet. She even asked for a large cup for her medium sized meal.
User avatar #12 - dikslapping (07/12/2013) [-]
the second one looks like the burger king in landstul germany
User avatar #9 - redstonealchemist (07/11/2013) [-]
the guy with the straws, i did that and... oh god i look exactly like him except my cheeks are puffier
User avatar #6 - mostlyshits (07/11/2013) [-]
Half of these are just plain innovative.
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