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(07/10/2013) [-]
> Be me, few years ago
> Jehova's witnesses keep coming to my door
> Had just gotten out of Catholicism after being raised in it for ~18 years, not in the mood to have religion shoved down my throat
> Usually try to ignore the JWs who come to my house until they go away, but a few are really persistent
> Hear them out when they come because I don't know how else to handle it
> Can't force myself to be rude to these people
> Master plan
> Bake a cake, have it waiting in the fridge for the next JW
> They show up after ~2 days
> Open the door, hand them the cake, shut the door
> Icing on the cake reads, "Here's a cake. It's not poison. Please stop coming here."
>JWs never show up at my place again
> Not sure if they think I'm beta as **** or a serial killer