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User avatar #12 - exhaustedheadcase
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i think the only reason aquaman was in the super friends was because he walked into their meeting as they were discussing open the league
aquaman: oh boy a superhero league of superheroes? can i join
entire group: errr....
side whispering session with wonderwoman, superman, and batman
batman: no way, id have robin as a full member before this lame brain
wonderwoman: agreed, he has zero usefullness and he keeps trying to use his fish telepathy to have his fishy friends do tricks, i mean are we supposed to be impressed?
superman: i know guys i know, but he's going to just keep whining and crying if we dont let him in, its easier to just say yesotherwise hell declare war on the surface world and will get all butthurt when no one cares
wonderwoman: fine i guess we could use someone to water the plants or something
batman: .....fine but robin gets in too
superman and wonderwoman: god dammit
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#16 to #14 - xchocolatethunderx
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Said is the past tense of say, which would imply that people are done saying that Aquaman is useless and has stupid powers. But "they" will never be done saying those things, therefore the use of past tense makes this picture grammatically incorrect.