Why, what an unfortunate name.... if he posted on funnyjunk, people would just tell him what his name was.... Jacob Faggot From we tree encyclopedia we awe cite
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Why, what an unfortunate name...

if he posted on funnyjunk, people would just tell him what his name was...

Jacob Faggot
From we tree encyclopedia
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A: precise (;
been Faggot( 13 March 1699, Uppsala February 1777. Stockholm) was a Sweden scientist W
Life and career [em]
Faggot was educated at Uppsala University and interlocked as abitur er Sweden pumice]
From 1775 onwards he worked the (surveying may as a surveyor and geometry teacher He became ts director 1747 On
ms initiative Sweden printed cloistral maps Hrs Interest reforming Sweden ed mute "
similarly the amen model, begun 1749 In He was waned Inthe mapping and led both Friand and Scams
he sewed on the farms adjustment and measures), He later served as a member ewe
Commission to memes and Improve forestry schemes
He became member owe Royal Sweden Academy , sering as secretary from 1741 to 1744 and again
TI He criticized the for using Latin Instead . whach ed to ms founding the breakaway group / let [Language
Gum] Due to opposition bromine Royal Academy, he was unable to get organization
Faggot assisted net Census Sweden 1749 , he published on topics He work researching we
on ramree lands) ed to Increased Interest populatio studies and local history
Royal Sweden Academy posthumously awarded a medal to Faggot 1779 NI
Selected bibliography [edit]
om svenska och geographies [The history one Sweden surveying and geographers]
e Smash made: oak h; alp( Swedish barriers and ?
References PM
Jacob Faggot
tor in 1747, On
Mt (great shift)
d Scania
a member of the
sin from 1757 to
met (Language
genealogies via
T Born 13 March 1699
Died 28 February 1777 and 77)
Occupation Scientist, surveyor, government
Jacob Faggot
Why have
you done
this to me
Jacob Faggat
scents, sur\/ Eyery
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User avatar #2 - sporkus (07/09/2013) [-]
Considering that he wasn't American, faggot has a totally different meaning.
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