what is the friendzone. . friendzone isn' t real 6 hours ago Twins all due respect Ryan, I call . 3 hours ago friendzone is an idea, set up by men who fail in r
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what is the friendzone

friendzone isn' t real
6 hours ago
Twins all due respect Ryan, I call
******** .
3 hours ago
friendzone is an idea, set up by men who
fail in realize that they don' t Dwn -women. They feel entitled
that because they show affliction ten a lawman it
means that she has in fall in have with him and when she doesn' t
she' s essentially a bitch.
2 hours ago
Interesting, I never saw it that way. I
thought it was: guy likes girl, guy spends time wiw girl, guy
grows more attached, guy admits feelings, girl tells him some
soul crushing message like 'You' re like a brother," pr "tcare my
best friend, that v-.' pudd feel weird’, or spme other message
saying ',
2 hours ago
Sand it is, but friendzoning implies that the guy
was only friends with the goal of spme romantic/ sexual
relationship, And if that's the cause, that guy needs to
reevaluate what he' s doing, The friendzone is just the guy being
a ****** person who believes his needs and wants are more
important than that of the person they supposedly like. And
that is unfair and not something worth me feeling sorry far.
Unrequited love DH the other hand, i can be sympathetic
2 hours ago . Edited . , 1
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Submitted: 07/07/2013
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#4 - pleuradispensor (07/07/2013) [-]
guide to understanding this "friendzone"
>imagine your best friend of same sex, opposite if you're gay/lesbian
>would you **** this person?
>Congratulations! you now understand the friendzone
#6 - head (07/07/2013) [-]
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The friend zone is when a guy is so socially retarded that he doesn't express that he wants to **** a girl right off the bat. Then, he goes along with her doing things that further the relationship without every even expressing a hint of actually making the relationship more than a friendship. Then, he springs all his feelings up on a girl as a surprise and wonders what the hell he did wrong when she didn't automatically assume that he actually had a dick.

Aspie+Clueless Girl= Hurt Feelings

And then I have to wade through posts of fags crying about it.
#5 - prominant (07/07/2013) [-]
The friendzone is a zone of guys that girls don't consider boyfriend material, either because they don't show interest as being more than a friend, or they don't find them attractive or like them more than a friend.
#2 - bobbysnobby (07/07/2013) [-]
Long watch dont click it if you dont have a few mins to watch.

User avatar #1 - imyourdaddy (07/07/2013) [+] (4 replies)
I agree with this post. Girls can't become attracted to you simply because you're nice but what I don't like is when girls take advantage of these young men. They let these guys that they know are crushing on them buy them things, take them out for dinner, and a bunch of other nice **** with no intention of giving back IN ANY WAY albeit affection, gifts, or whatever. Those women good sir... I just don't have respect for.
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