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A little backstory for you: I'm very smart, but lazy as ****, like, I don't bother doing almost anything in terms of homework and assignments. I used to barely get by with 60's in middle and high school. Obviously I've changed my attitude in University, but that's not the case.

Back in 7th grade, there was this girl and boy who did all their homework, and all the participation in classes. I was grouped up with the girl in a 5 person english play. (English class). I like plays and acting, so I actually did my work.

We reached rehearsal, the book, "The Outsiders". There was this kid portraying a Soc gang member talking to a girl. The girl in the class was the girl in the book. She rejects him, and he says, "Fiery, huh?" Said boy asked girl how to say that word, and she says, "Feery". I smirk, expecting someone to correct her. No one does. I'm all, dude no it's "Fi-ery" like Fire-E. She argues, every sides in my group sides with her, I'm all wtf? I go to other group and ask them, they say Feery, I'm all wtf, no!

They try to practice without me, I'm like, "Don't you ******* say that word" and storm off. I'm back, 10 sec later with the teacher, who sided with me.

You ever had one of those moments that your brain keeps making you remember for no reason? This was one.