Yup, He has it worse. looks like he's in<br /> puts on shades <br /> a sticky situation<br /> YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH sticky situation yup he has it Worse

Yup, He has it worse

looks like he's in<br />
*puts on shades* <br />
a sticky situation<br />

I' m send
nee news
I have war: -we news
I have names
l have THE
WWW l “WE fl t)' Nit Aor'. be all critized MIG . ml? all ,", tresh tht Ell“ tr' t. ight Cano '
had been up all night Once I gol -Jul all tred with whai wee. going
en made my new Acumen . Comparred waoh as patten'. . wutang waiting to play
l wand urn‘ And rim I would preserve all 'gfurry |: Ir. runer
upon my clung dung I piv. rrp. . goo on to aye: a tmt, 1 had : y : eam
and ype) y A, rt I lo Neo l In utter :iphoto. ( I Baal SEED tta iar. thl army hama alut*
Ita my cats. F-: not totatly ml than had usein. tatro an old use ' s brand : glaze
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American pie reference?
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