stupid tattoo. the joys of facebook never end. It jan a Sart? stupid tattoo the joys of facebook never end It jan a Sart?
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#3 - anon id: a9dff613
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I am an atheist.....I was born and raised in Kansas.....I tend to keep very quiet on my views and opinions as loving Christians aren't so loving if you don't believe what they do....
User avatar #4 to #3 - thegamerslife
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I still love you, know why?! I'm a christian that believes in the teachings, not just what I want to. love thy neighbor, all that stuff. yeah it's our duty to offer to others the word of the lord, but not to badger people about it (that is a sin, and one sin is just as bad as another) Christians that badger people about taking up their religion our no worse or better than murderers or adulterers, and you can tell your family!