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Omegle-Role Play

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lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re watching two strangers discuss your question on Omegler
Question to discuss:
role play- darth vader and skywalker
Stranger 1: awesome
Stranger 2: Well luke, thats what your mum said
on the last night.
Stranger 1: ahahah
Stranger 1 : great
Stranger 1: lemme tell you somethin' boy
Stranger 1: imma be yo father
Stranger 2: But I' m vader, how is that possible'?
Stranger 1 : damn
Stranger 1 : yo dad thats awesome
Stranger 1 : but you knows i got the hots for me sister
Stranger 2: you too? fuck that mks, I think I' ll have to
cut of your masturbation Hand.
Stranger 1: no prob: dad, ijust replace it with a robotic
hand so i can jack off with twice the speed
Stranger 2: So that means double fingering speed?
Stranger 1 : yeah for sure
Stranger 1 : you want to join?
Stranger 2: No, I have collected much experience with
Hand, I' ll keep it.
Stranger 1 : ahaha dad
Stranger 1: no prob; i can handle it alone
Stranger 1 : the force is strong with me
Stranger 2: But Hands Force might be even stronger.
Stranger 2: but Jobs Force won' t.
Stranger 2: don' t ask, thats how I call my Hands
Stranger 1 : this would make a great star wars 7
Stranger 2: Yeah, fuck Disney, let' s make the new Star
Wars Movie
Stranger 1 : but I copyright this shit here
Stranger 1 : we could still make it together if you like
Stranger 2: Sure.
Stranger 1: maybe the posters mom could play Ella
Stranger 2: Yeah, is your mom ready forthat Hardcore
shit Poster?
nod if you agree.
Stranger 2: I won' t see It but Hand will feel it
Stranger 1: i can has nodding, Heels great
disturbance in the force
Stranger 2: you are feeling it too?
So poster, how about your dad? does he like to play
Stranger 2: nod again if you agree
Stranger 2: WHAT? WHY NOT?
Stranger 1: man, Yoda would be tearing the sith up in
that new movie, too bad
Stranger 2: Yeah, to bad he didn' t nod.
Stranger 1 : okay so if we make this
Stranger 1 : and we send it out overhue world
Stranger 1 : without dismay noticing
Stranger 1 : we make a shitload of money
Stranger 2: Fuck yeah.
Too bad poster.
Stranger 2: oh you nod now? well TOD LATE!
Stranger 1: haha what a sucker
Stranger 1 : what' re we gonna do with all the money?
Stranger 2: Don' t know, just don' t give it africa, it
doesn' t help anyways.
Stranger 2: not that I' m racist, ijust think that it won' t do
Stranger 1 : didn' t even cross my mind
Stranger 2: perfect.
I would say we let Bill Gates kiss our feet fora bit
Stranger 1 : we could make a sequel, star wars & big
sluts with big buts back in space
Stranger 2: that' s a good one iii
Stranger 2: We could buy North Korea or Russia with
our Money?
Stranger 1: hamm
Stranger 1 : why not both?
Stranger 2: true, we could play there Garrys mod in
Stranger 2: Blowing some Shit up, fuck around with
Stranger 2: etc.
Stranger 1: hahah yeah etc.
Stranger 1 : good idea
Stranger 1 : already got my gravity gun ready
Stranger 2: Mine isn' t ready yet, but eBay told me that I
would get it for free if it isn' t there tomorrow.
Stranger 1 : damn
Stranger 1 : half life 3 =
Stranger 2 has disconnected
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