What happens to AI after 4 years. So the quake 3 AI will learn the good methods of winning the match, and not reuse the bad methods which don't work This guy le
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What happens to AI after 4 years

So the quake 3 AI will learn the good methods of winning the match, and not reuse the bad methods which don't work
This guy leaves it on for 4 years by accident, then things get a bit weird when he checks again

D Anonymous 09/ 26/ 11( M No 1116052039 E
Quake 3 bots were based or an nemam network
They would "1) " to #pore butthis best way to do things
They would see worked and which 'himt, tracethat worm and the ones that don
they played the more they , hiking outpour patterns, andthey would apr# stewards one has aswell Ferrall moms and purposes they were one time Al n a game
dun set a st to havein has has each and may to see how good they 991
D Boxes 09/ ( Mon) 22 43 E
D Anonymous ( 45 No 1116056199 E
Hum, sec, 1 on them some reason Altho bots are }outstanding sun gonna try the map Gt was 011011911 maps hon guess 11901 stuck or something)
Could make sense, 1' m not my - you 53. 11115 true, the my 101 them, 15 not to way
D Anonymous (( " No 1116059569 E
move was not to way
D Anonymous ( 49 No 1116060641“ E
Maybe they best to sumo is to make a peace and to stand there tarr an , wating for a purpose or
D Anonymous 09/ ( Mon) 22 51 No 1116062399 E
Perhaps 1311015 may than that stunstick of a 1 1 m M Dune:
D Anonymous '9/ ( 52 No 1116063669 9
They know Mien to and run, such as on new or weapons that cant Mn the M them
1 on changed the map and they keep sun
1 have a program that tracks player on the sewer and mm standing mo
rm - download quake 3 arena and see hack on whinig_ onths server we no afew manures
D Anonymous / ( 52 No 1116063719 E Hyde
The 'surve% stradegy developed my l years nobody was ms
mom actived somethang we
World peace
D Sage ( 53 B Hide
Tthey had } ' no tactics were usable opponent, they Just
D Anonymous 09/ ( Mon) 22 55 No 1116066169 B we
1 bet they the second you enter, because you threaten them
D Anonymous / ( 56 No 1116067659 E Hyde
rm 100'/ a human mod they who all (even the teammates) would human Just bcause they disturb the peace
D Anonymous 09/ 26711( No 1116066439 M we
actually really his km the dude the server, arad then go back to hang at peace
That would he no a they stopped mug each other
D Anonymous (( 58 No 1116069359 E
hay NEW BOT lets see happen to it disturb the peacee mm the a new endless wan
D Anonymous 09/ ( 00 No 1116071269 9 we
f dont know now to add new ms, 1 ' d have to a mg 101 one Mme bats on that check those Aurl' m done this
Stating up quake 3 now, hack m a 7711111119 if they on no
D Anonymous 09/ 26/ 11( 09 No 111607946“ 9 Hoe» ;
one that was pretty hocking wand
1 med the sewer and the bats stood there, but no ****** up thing was they at me, 1 walked around a we tut and they all at me
So 1 gamed a 13119111 and "ared one ofthem, they all ran tbr the nearest weapons, took me down, and the server crashed
wow. 1 dorm rarily know what to say about this
D Anonymous ( No_ " E
D Anonymous 09/ 26711( Mon) 23 13 No 111608807“ M
was a (salutes: deathmatch server, omen made r: all the wander when they don smack eachother and wen me
D Anonymous / # 11( : No 1116036359 we
Reloadin hack up and see what happens bet the has melones were erased and 'you mad u hack up they he hackin their normal sews:
D Anonymous (( 19 No 1116080339 E
on E i smocked the : Each hm has a separate one
D Anonymous 09726/ 11( Morw) 23 22 No 1116091069 9
l wanna balieve snow me proof
D Anonymous / 11( 40 No 1116106169 E
13161317094851 .3133 KB, 7991535, 1095113)
Bum Newcomer v Ch] 9
of Favoirte: Documents Hbgary
I Damp anon
ea new Wares
Arrangers was v
Name [ Sze
an N '09/ 2011 11 as
DAT 26/ 09/ 2011 11 39
I Desktop
3 Abran's
Jr Muir:
I ‘Aden:
or; Hategroup
3 Toxic Funie
1?‘ Computer
q Network
W moor Fans!
C: Reads Mr
canoe t
sorry. my server machine rs ccnng slow as **** rightness, took me imam to screen
D Anonymous ( IT No 1116110959 9 Hde
They' not those lands , the/ based on what has worked and what hasnt worked ham } mam: and purposes the/ re somones
Man ms 512 PER BOT 16 bots It' s GGB of The ******* should be glad! hadent decided to dame them up space on my hardware
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Submitted: 07/05/2013
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#8 - zerojaxx (07/06/2013) [-]
really? i post this days ago and all i get is negative thumbs
#1 - solarisofcelestia (07/05/2013) [+] (3 replies)
This is a profound moment. We've interacted with a sentient artificial intelligence. They learned, they adapted, and eventually they realized the futility of an existence based on perpetual conflict. They achieved world peace, and as a collective determined that if an unenlightened being (a human) threatened their peace they would destroy it with whatever means they had. This is kinda creepy.
#4 to #1 - 4chan refugee (07/05/2013) [-]
Are you mentally retarded? A sentient artificial intelligence? More like a bugged routine in the bots. Even if they had "chosen" non-movement non hostile strategy was the best, it was only because that strategy resulted in a no lose scenario, even so the post is ******** anyway just some copypasta that everyone shoulda a seen a thousand times by now. "They achieved peace" you ******* moron I am literally dumber for having read that as is everyone else who took the time to take in that babble you just posted.
#9 - mattdoggy (07/06/2013) [-]
It's happening
#7 - sanguinesolitude (07/05/2013) [-]
This image has expired
we are approaching the singularity
#3 - 4chan refugee (07/05/2013) [-]
saving this because it is neat
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