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#11 - foelkera
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(07/05/2013) [-]
>Cashier at McDonalds
>Working late shift (5 pm to 1 am)
>Only one on counter
>Lobby pretty much empty, manager sends me out to clean off tables, chairs, windows, and floor
>Take almost an hour sanitizing, wiping, sweeping, and mopping
>Random family walks in just as my shift is ending
>Everything custom ordered, milkshakes for everyone, parents being belligerent, baby + toddler screaming
>Eventually finish order, give it to them
>Toddler screaming as loud as humanly possible, parents give him his milkshake
>Little ****** throws it across the lobby, milkshake and whipped cream everywhere
>End up recleaning entire lobby again after closing time
>I ******* hate my life