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User avatar #4 - sirvirus (07/05/2013) [-]
He has his own fansite. Its just a technological autistic cancer of a place. I just hope he has his own minecraft server so I can get nodus and mess with it to no end.
User avatar #6 to #4 - jehwoosh (07/05/2013) [-]
Nodus was discontinued as of 1.6
User avatar #24 to #6 - sirvirus (07/05/2013) [-]
Still doesn't mean I cant mess around with it.
User avatar #64 to #24 - jehwoosh (07/05/2013) [-]
Well it does? It doesnt exist anymore.
User avatar #68 to #64 - sirvirus (07/05/2013) [-]
I meant the server ( If he has one) not nodus.
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