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#57 - saladtongsofdeath
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(07/03/2013) [-]
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story time *******
>work for delta in LGA
>live in New Jersey
>get out of work late because of crappy seniority
>always get home at 2am
>cop stops me just over the holland tunnel
>tells me my tints are too dark
>leaves me with a warning
>next day get through the tunnel
>cop stops me again and leaves me with a warning
>idiot didnt even remember me
>third day came around and he stops me again and asks me if im the same person that he gave a warning to
>leaves me with another warning
>3 months later it becomes routine, i would come home, make two lefts and a right and flashing lights behind me, no sound, just lights
>1 month after that, he didnt even bother turning on the lights
>"anon, are you planning on ever fixing your tints?"
>"Gary, are we gonna do this all ******* year?, its 2 oclock in the morning... and as much as i love chatting with you, i gotta get home to sleep.... hows susan and the kids?, hope their doing well and tell them ill see them on the memorial day barbeque"
>two months later i get pulled over for speeding and a short fat guy came out
>asks for my license and gives me a ticket straight away
>i went garys house and susan came out.
>MFW susan started crying while telling me my friend, my confidant and a great person was Killed on the job responding to a 10-50 (civil dispute)
#81 to #57 - wearethefunny
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(07/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #74 to #57 - amuro
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(07/03/2013) [-]
Deam, i laugh and then THE FEELS...

Sorry, bro`.
#73 to #57 - anon id: 48ce1e8f
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(07/03/2013) [-]
Now you have to fix your tints in memory of that glorious cop.
#69 to #57 - zerolimz
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(07/03/2013) [-]

your windows were too dark