Because Fuck AT&T. got pissed at AT&T Today. BTW my last name is not Martin.. F ATEMT So we sign up for ATAIT Uverse to allow our anuses to heal from the ra god damn ATT

Because Fuck AT&T

got pissed at AT&T Today. BTW my last name is not Martin.

So we sign up for ATAIT Uverse to allow our anuses to heal from
the raping DEL has been giving us for 2 years now. Tech
comes out does a greatful: I, nice, courteous, no fees. All seems
well in the Thorpe household. Buy bluray player with we for the
bad room. will not connect- Fight with it for days. Call Tech
support. Get told "we would be glad to help you Mr. Martin
months" Tell them no Thank you. "Very well Mr. Meirzin( Agaiin
WTF???? that is not my #@%E-. $ name!) we will require a one
time of service charge . 95 help yuu tushay" -(In rrid mind I
have just spun a dimension of pissed had not even
been created until this moment but i play it cool.) "Let me see fl
understand you, you want me to pay just to get a little
assistance setting up my blu ray player." "Yes Mr. Martin. Us she
even looking at my eaca) unt????)"( Dit, then. I don' t thinkl need
your help that bad". ATAIT hangs up. I start browsing through my
router and addresses and found the problem. My " ray player
had the last 3 digits of my router address wrong, change them
and voila it works. MY cuestion to you ATAIT is how in the hell you
sleep at night knowing you can and have charged people (;50 to
type in 3 characters or ess of an IF address? Rant Complete.
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Submitted: 07/01/2013
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User avatar #7 - billybong (07/02/2013) [-]
well... It costs $50, because AT&T have nothing to do with the blu ray player, therefore will need to find out how it works, and what the problem is, to tell him how to fix it. So it costs AT&T time, and they want reimbursement for assisting a customer with a problem that has nothing to do with them. Seems fair to me. I'd charge my customers for assistance with something that I don't warrant.
#2 - ykaliber (07/01/2013) [+] (4 replies)
Ok, Mr. Martin...
User avatar #1 - jacklane (07/01/2013) [-]
I once worked for safelite auto glass. Went 45 miles to a customers house to fill in a chip.... It was tree sap. I scraped off the sap, put the equipment on and put the resin in, went through all the motions of a repair. I then proceeded to be proud of my work and bet him $50 that he wouldn't be able to point out the repair.

He gave me an extra $20 because he was so happy.

I don't give a **** ! I came out on a house call, I'm getting paid ******* !
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