Joke gone too far. TLR: Its the first part of me arguing with a closedmind douche. If people show interest, I'll post the rest (We argued for over 1 hours) It s God douche
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Joke gone too far

Its the first part of me arguing with a closedmind douche.

If people show interest, I'll post the rest (We argued for over 1 hours)
It started when I posted the image I found here today.
English isnt my first language, so be kind.

I'm an atheist so I wasnt offended by the picture, my GF isnt and she tought it was funny too.

Tags: God | douche
I‘ you Una mated man old Testament Read it
again.... Good has NO mercy! Only After Jesus was born did He
stop killing morons like you Bible describes this Me
personally kinda disappointed He did cur] would not be having this
conversation now... F'. nyway He never looked for a perfect world he
just wants people worshipping him TH AT AND ON LY that according
to the bible is the only reason you exist,, But then he went and gave
you free Which by the way was Handed out as
punishment was given too all man kind.. Education is key not 2 look
like a complete Moron! Have a nice day...
about an hour ago ' Like
I' m not ened mated. but
u insu ,
F'. elision is not a subject that matter to me.
But I' ll got with it...
Eid,,, You say he wanted only people worshipping him ?
So batty he did care for the people but only that they were
worshipping him mind assly ?
That isnt a god I would like to worship.
But then he gave me free will. Then I can think whatever? wanted
including that he doesnt exist or that? disagree with him killing millions
of people for not worshipping him ?
about an hour ago ' Like
Again you don' t have 2 agree tree will and all that
And just so you know He said very clearly] am the beginning and
the END,,, What did you think he meant with that bl??? bl mindless
no that' s why you can think and decide for you rself LOL but we
kinda went over this fact twice now,, See what] mean with
about an hour ago ' Like
dont have to decide anything,
on eve In g .
about an hour ago ' Like
t not trying to make you believe just showing
you how dumb it looks too others that has the education bl
about an hour ago ' Like
I diferent,
You have more religion knowledge then me. doesnt mean you' re
more educated.
about an hour ago ' Like
E how do you Think you get Knowledge ? Just
maybe just maybe by educating you .... LI‘ ] have the
knowledge you need education hens me saying Educate you FEE”...
about an homage ' Like
colledge and education is
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Submitted: 07/01/2013
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User avatar #3 - Accidentalninja (07/01/2013) [-]
Jesus that guy need to use some ******* punctuation! Can't understand a word of his idiot speak.
Its like he thinks an ellipsis is the only piece of punctuation required for anything to ... make sense...
#1 - indodude **User deleted account** (07/01/2013) [+] (6 replies)

For the atheist who likes atheist related posts
#2 to #1 - drows (07/01/2013) [-]
lol, I'm not "proud" of being Atheist.
This guy wasn't "believer dump" he was a complete moron.
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