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#3 - verycoolcat
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I was once with a chick who went into a store similar to victoria's secret but it wasn't... don't remember the name. Friend of a friend... kinda weird, no shame kinda girl that never puts out to anyone, and some black girl was holding two bras and asked me which I thought was better. Both were black but one had a little more sexy fishnet look. Went into a deep kinda thing talkin about fishnet looking one gives a more dominant vibe in the bedroom, looked sorta bdsm dominatrix looking.

Kinda weirded her out but she listened to me, friend later told me, she was totally trying to flirt with you.

I reasoned in my head... you gotta be a ****** up bitch to flirt with a guy when hes with another girl. So not sure if I dodged the bullet there.