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I have seen some **** in this aspect of life. Here in Europe, high schools often share playground and garden with secondary and even primary schools.
In your own school, or when you visit others for an athletic tournament or something, you realize how horrible kids are.
Kids aged 9-14 telling guys who are 18 to suck their dick, looking defiantly from behind a social status of inmunity.
This disgusts me beyond words. The disrespect that emanates from their souls is so corrupted...But then you talk to them, or you correct them, or you put them in their place...and you're a monster.
If you even try to touch them, you will be in big trouble.
Discipline is needed, people. Enough with this pendulum standars, that move from extreme severity, to no discipline whatsoever.
We must not allow this type of behaviour, of course, without surpassing rational limits. But the rational limit has been trascended with this indulgence.
This is how Zarathustra spoke.