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I used to get really angry at this one woman in my old church because her kid would get away with murder. I then found that the kid was "special" and I kind understood. that was until I was talking to a person who was a high functioning Down syndrome man and his father. I saw the kid and nod my head as I always did then explained it to the person. to my surprise downsyn Guy I was talking to responded.
"that's no excuses." he said, "She still sucks as a parent." and his father filled through
"I had had let (not insetting name) get away with that he would never had been able to be on his own" and proceeded to walk over and calmly inform the woman she was crippling her son.

Oh, it wonderful how church folk are able to stay out of other peoples buissness
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Upon posting this I saw many spelling errors. no need to release you inner Nazi.