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#11 - anon
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(06/30/2013) [-]
Out of all the reptiles I know the snapping turtle (the real turtle) will always be my favorite. However, comparing a snapping turtle to koopas is disingenuous. Judging by the size of that turtle it is a juvenile female or fully grown male (the females get really ******* huge). Their beak like mouths are strong enought to sever a finger or cause some nasty tissue damage to what doesn't unattach from its victim. Oh, they're also known to bite and hold on to a victim in rare occurances. Out of all North American water turtles (in my opinion) they alone capture the dinosaur look with their jagged shells and plated tails. Picking them up is hard even from the sides due to their surprisingly long necks and sharp, clawed feet. Surprisingly, they often shy away from humans and most attacks are human provoked.

Tldr; But to make my point, Mario would be ****** if he ran into a true member of the Chelydridae family (snapping turtles)