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User avatar #193 - carlonord
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(06/30/2013) [-]
*Sorry for the long read*

Is it just me? Or does it piss anyone else off that these places are apparently abandoned. I mean, sure, they look great infused with nature. But some part of me hates see these things go to waste, they look so pretty, and yet are neglected, It's almost painful to see.

I live in a bush town in the Middle of Nowhere, Ontario. A few years ago when the recession hit, my dad and many other in my town lost their jobs when the lumber mills went under. Ever since then I've watched my town die off slowly, until I look around today and see almost no stores, compared to before, no decent jobs, and a road system that can't stay together cause this place was built on swampland. We don't even have a movie theater anymore, and our high school can barely afford to keep its tech programs open, not even good ones, underfunded and outdated courses with broken equipment.

Luckily there's a gold mine opening soon, if we're lucky, but I'll be gone to college by then. and when it shuts down, just like the iron mine did in the 70's and if the tourism doesn't pick up, I'll finally see my home retaken by nature's relentless grasp and turned into the a ghost town...

Or a paintball and/or airsoft warground, that'd be cool too...
#203 to #193 - thatsnumberwang
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(06/30/2013) [-]
I liked this post
I liked this post